Saturday 7 May 2016

Terrorists VS Speeders

Chris Marshall of the Scotsman newspaper asks if Police Scotland are fully prepared for a Paris or Belgium style attack.

After his analysis, the answer ends up being we just don't know.

Police cannot give us exact details of any suspected attacks they are monitoring or how they intend to go about preventing them - for obvious reasons.

So the article ends with the conclusion that we just have to put our blind faith in Police Scotland and hope they know what they're doing.

And that bothers me.

Because I, and most members of the public I speak to, have little or no faith in Police Scotland. In fact a recent poll showed that the public do not report more than half of violent crimes to the police with 36% saying it's because they have no confidence that police will respond or do anything.

How do you feel? Do you feel safe? Do you feel Police are concentrating on the bad guys?

Or do you, like me, feel that Police Scotland officers spend more time with a speed gun targeting the general public and making them in to criminals rather than going after real criminals?

What we can safely assume is that after a terrorist attack, Police Scotland will be lucky if they catch the terrorists. They'll be very lucky if they get even a handful of convictions. After the Glasgow Airport terrorist attack in 2007, they only got ONE successful conviction against the perpetrators.

Meanwhile, a Plod with a speed camera in his hand can easily get a dozen convictions in a couple of hours in an afternoon.

Go do the maths.