Friday 13 May 2016

Shop Thy Neighbour

Crimestoppers launched a new campaign in Scotland on 31st March.

It's called 'Scene it herd it' and it's asking the public to report rural crime to the police anonymously.

The spin untrustworthy Police Scotland have put on this latest project is to say that most of Scotland is classed as 'rural' and rural communities usually know each other very well - so to avoid retributions from your neighbours should you report them for crimes, an anonymous police hotline will provide the solution.

Of course, if arrests are made and prosecutions pursued (which is the whole point of the scheme), the 'anonymous' person who reported it in the first place will still have to turn up in court as a witness.

I'm not sure they've really thought this one through!

It's also a fact of life that many Scots find 'grassing' on their neighbours a little bit distasteful (it's a culture thing). Then there's others who don't feel comfortable reporting anyone to untrustworthy Police Scotland because they know that police don't bother to investigate any more - they form an opinion of who the bad guy is and afterwards try to cobble enough evidence together to support their opinion. No one feels good knowing that they could be helping police jail an innocent person. No one.

But police don't care about any of this.

They only care that after the disastrous centralisation of Police Scotland in to one national force, they are losing the battle of local policing - and incompetent and lazy Police Scotland want to use the new 'Scene it herd it' idea to make you, the public, do their job for them.

Still think Police Scotland's 'shop thy neighbour' scheme is a good idea then?