Friday 6 May 2016

Public Should NOT Support Police And Procurator Fiscals In Court

It's common knowledge now that Police completely bungled the Emma Caldwell case - big time. As more facts come out about it, things go from bad to worse for Police Scotland.

A recent comment by one of the detectives involved in the case, Geoff Fisher, sparked my interest.

When asked if he believed that police had purposely pursued a line of enquiry against persons they knew to be innocent and not involved in the murder in order to get a return on the money they'd already spent on the case, he answered "yes, 110%".

This strikes at the heart of everything that is wrong with Police Scotland and the Crown office.

It also fits exactly with my experiences of dealing with untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office and the way they try to fit up innocent people just to get a conviction on their books and close a case.

They are completely willing to arrest and prosecute a person they know to be innocent rather than 'lose face' and have to admit they spent public money going after the wrong person. They are quite happy to steal the liberty of an innocent man and destroy his life rather than say "Oops, we got it wrong, better look for the real culprit now".

That's the sad state of affairs in our crumbling justice system right now. Results (for them) are more important than truth and justice.

I remember during my case telling the Crown office Procurator Fiscal that I was innocent and the data on the mobile phone they had seized during my arrest would prove this. Now, you would think that any Procurator Fiscal hearing that, and keen to get to the truth, would have the phone interrogated and have the evidence brought before the court of law.

But instead, corrupt Procurator Fiscal Calum Forsythe tried to HIDE the evidence from the court. The last thing he wanted was proof coming before the court that I was innocent and that he was trying to get a conviction against an innocent man. Mr Forsythe and his buddies in Police Scotland had already spent a right few quid trying to get me 'done'. They certainly weren't going to allow a silly little thing like the TRUTH to get in the way of their case.

But I'm delighted to say they failed.

I got a Sheriff to ORDER corrupt Procurator Fiscal Depute Calum Forsythe to hand over the phone to me. The evidence which showed I was completely innocent was extracted from it and the rest, as they say, is history.

So it's not unusual for untrustworthy Police Scotland and the corrupt Crown office to try to pull all sorts of dirty tricks and hide evidence just to get a conviction. They do it every day.

Members of the public don't realise this though - which is why I publish this blog and write guest articles on this subject for other publications. The public are amazed when they learn that Police Scotland and the Crown office are happy to pursue people they know to be innocent just so they can 'successfully' close a case and justify all the money they spent on an investigation.

The fact that the good guy ends up in a jail cell and the baddie - in Emma Caldwell's case, a murderer - get's away scott-free is unimportant to them.

So now you know who's best interests Police Scotland and the Crown office really work for. Just remember this the next time you go as a witness for the Police or Crown office in a court case.

The Police and the Crown office are most certainly NOT the good guys in a court case. So listen very carefully to the defence solicitors arguments and take what the Police and Procurator Fiscals say in a court of law with the tiniest grain of salt.