Monday 16 May 2016

Pssst: Wanna Buy Some Cheap DNA?

Every day innocent members of the public who should never have been arrested or brought before a judge walk out of our courts with not guilty verdicts thanks to eagle eyed Sheriffs who throw the cases out.

We should be truly thankful that Sheriffs and JP's are on the side of truth and justice and most are not easily fooled. They sit in judgement of so many cases, day in and day out in their court rooms, that they can see right through corrupt Procurator Fiscals and lying police officers trying to get innocent members of the public banged up to achieve targets. (by the way, the police and Crown office completely deny that they have targets - yeah right, excuse me while I bend over double with laughter).

But have you ever wondered what happens to all the evidence, data, intelligence, DNA, fingerprints, etc the police and the Crown office collected from the innocent members of the public they failed to fit up?

Does it get destroyed?

Does it hell.

It should, but it doesn't.

And that's what brings me to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) and Police Scotland's latest bright idea to make a few quid.

They've decided they're gonna SELL forensic data on to other agencies in the UK and Europe.

Ahhh, punting DNA on to foreign police forces. What could possibly go wrong.

I've heard of some hair-brained schemes in my time but this one really takes the biscuit.