Friday 20 May 2016

Police Scotland's Two Day Week

Last week I wrote about the death of Andrew Bow who died despite Police Scotland being alerted about concerns for his welfare 'more than two days' before he was found dead.

We now find out that the phrase 'more than two days' actually means A WEEK.

So why is this significant?

After all a week is 'more than two days'.

Am I just being pedantic?

Surely there's nothing really wrong here is there?

Well, yes, there is.

You see, a member of the public, a neighbour, called Edinburgh City Council to report that the windows in Andrews flat were broken. And Edinburgh City Council immediately contacted Police Scotland about it.

Therefore Police Scotland knew about this a full week before Andrew was found.

But police didn't respond to it until a second member of the public, another neighbour, called them - meaning Andrew wasn't found until SEVEN days after the first call to Police.

As they say, the devil is in the detail.

Untrustworthy Police Scotland don't want you to know about the original call they got from Edinburgh City Council the week before.

They want to spin it to look like the first they knew about Andrew was a coupe of days before he was found (i.e. when the second member of the public called them).

In the shady world of Police Scotland and their culture of cover-up it looks better for them if the public think they left Andrew lying dead for a just couple of days rather than a week.

This case has all the classic hallmarks of damage limitation for Police Scotland.

They're trying to 'play down' their cock-up.

The fact that a member of the public has lost his life and lay dead for a week before Police Scotland did anything is of no importance to them.

More proof if ever it were needed that Police Scotland work for their own benefit, not the public's.