Wednesday 11 May 2016

Police Scotland Found To Be Negligent IMPORTANT UPDATE

OK, let me just update you on my post yesterday about Police Scotland accidentally discharging a firearm at a power station.

If you read yesterdays post, you could be forgiven for thinking that this incident happened at a nuclear power plant.

It didn't. I just let you think that.

The incident happened at Longannet power station in Fife, which is a coal fired power station. There was NO chance of this becoming a nuclear accident.

At no point whatsoever did I actually say it was a nuclear power station. But by casually mentioning Chernobyl in the same post I simply let your imagination assume it was.

That's not all.

I also added a picture of two armed officers on routine patrol which would have led you to think that the officer who accidentally discharged the firearm was just an everyday PC Plod you might see on your local High Street any day of the week.

It wasn't - I just let you think that.

The incident actually happened during an exercise involving a specialised police firearms unit armed with Heckler & Koch G36C Carbine assault rifles. Ordinary everyday PC Plods like the ones in the picture I attached do not walk around our local streets routinely armed with Heckler & Koch G36C Carbine assault rifles.

I failed to tell you that too.

Now let me be clear. I didn't tell any lies. I just didn't tell you the full story.

I left your imagination to make up parts of the story in an attempt to paint this incident out to be much, much, worse than it really was. I wanted to make Police Scotland look as bad and as incompetent as possible.



You see, I was contacted some time ago by a journalistic source who told me that Police Scotland had stopped him for a very minor speeding offence. When it came to court, the police told the court that the alleged offence had taken place outside a school.

The police's inference to the Sheriff was that this was not a minor offence, but rather, a serious offence where innocent school children could've been maimed or killed by the alleged speedster.

But what the police failed to tell the court was that the school had been closed for years!

There was no school. There were no school children.

See how the police tried to 'talk up' that charge to make it appear much worse than it was?

This is how untrustworthy Police Scotland work when they're trying to get convictions against innocent members of the public.

So all I did with the post you read yesterday was to do the same thing back to them.

The difference between me and untrustworthy Police Scotland though is I'm honest. Unlike them, I don't say things which are misleading or untrue - hence this update to give the important reasons why I wrote yesterdays post the way I did and the point I used it to prove.

Ahhhh, good ole' Police Scotland. You really don't like it when the public turn the tables on you and use your own dirty trick tactics against you now do you?

What goes around...