Monday 2 May 2016

Police Scam The Public Again

A court has been told that a man who died in police custody may have been murdered.

The official story was supposed to be that Anthony Storrie - who died while in police custody in 2013 - died from a legal high overdose.

But a post-mortem has revealed that he actually died from a 'blunt force trauma'.

I can't think why police would want to stick to the 'legal high' story and not the 'murdered with a blunt force trauma' story, can you?

Anyway, the explanation we have been given from untrustworthy Police Scotland is that this all happened at a time when Police Scotland was in the middle of being formed - so there was some confusion as to how these kind of cases should be investigated.

Yeah right.

I once submitted a freedom of information request to Police Scotland but had it refused - because they didn't hold the information. According to them, their records now only go back as far as 2013 when the new Police Scotland came in to being.

All information pertaining to before 2013 no longer exists.

Or so they claim.

It's just a police scam of course. It's a trick they've came up with to prevent members of the public getting any information about shenanigans the police in Scotland got up to before April 2013.

It's an excuse NOT to give you information.

Do you remember the day Police Scotland came in to being? No, neither do I. Because it was just another day. The same police officers were still going about their daily beat doing the same things (and 'doing' the same people). The same police stations were still open. The same civilian employees in those police stations and offices were still at their same desks doing the same things. Nothing changed. The formation of Police Scotland was mainly administrative.

This idea that overnight a completely new and different police force were suddenly patrolling our streets is a complete none sense.

It's also an insult to our intelligence.

Shame on you Police Scotland.