Friday 27 May 2016

Police Hate You Filming Them

Q. What happens when your dog bites another dog?

A. 40 police officers, including a helicopter, arrive at your home to 'have a word'.

An Asian family from Cambuslang in Glasgow found themselves targeted by dozens of Police Scotland officers who called them black b****s, assaulted and abused them, and threatened them with tasers - all because the family dog wasn't on a lead.

What police officers put this family through was disgusting. Take a look here.

But what the piece of scum PC John Donaldson (who was later reprimanded by the Sheriff for his attitude in court) did not know, was that CCTV cameras had caught his every move. He purposely pressed the panic alarm on his uniform when it was unnecessary just to cause an onslaught of fellow officers to arrive, all desperate to throw their weight around and crack a few heads. The other 40 officers are every bit as bad as their buddy Donaldson.

Now ALL charges against the family have been dropped, including the one that the family assaulted and abducted a female officer who, CCTV showed, had spent less than 4 minutes in the house! Maybe it was an alien abduction where time and space was condensed in to less time than it takes to boil an egg.

Ah, the camera never lies. Serves these scum Police Scotland officers right.

Had police not been caught on camera I shudder to think what these 40 coppers would have done to this family (and hey, it's not over yet - police will have it in for them big style now).

As you'd expect, there is now to be an investigation in to the whole fiasco <yawn>.

But come on, we all know how that's gonna pan out.

The lesson here is that the camera is a mighty weapon against an untrustworthy Police Scotland.

At all times I carry more than one recording device on me because it's well known that if you try to film Police Scotland officers with your mobile phone they grab the phone off you, throw it to the ground and stamp on it to destroy the evidence. They then concoct a story to say you resisted arrest or were abusive towards them and in the ensuing scuffle your phone was 'accidentally' broken.

I'm reliably informed that some Procurator Fiscals are even able to keep a straight face when their police pals recount these stories of accidentally broken phones in the witness stand.

I don't know who deserves the Oscar the most, the Crown office or the Police.

But I do know who deserves the prize for being the biggest piece of disgusting human garbage in Cambuslang. Take a bow PC John Donaldson.