Saturday 14 May 2016

Police Fail To Respond - AGAIN

Whether it's failing to respond to routine calls from the public asking for help or leaving people dying in a car on the M9, you can always rely on untrustworthy Police Scotland NOT to do their job.

The Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC) is currently investigating them in the recent case of the death of 36 year old Andrew Bow in Edinburgh.

As is usual during an ongoing investigation, they won't give any details of why the police are in the frame regarding this particular case. However a PIRC spokesman has said "The investigation will focus on the initial police response leading up to the incident, which included a report of concern about the welfare of the occupant of the property".

It pretty much looks like the police received a report about Andrew but did nothing about it. Reports are already coming in that Police Scotland were called and alerted with concerns about his welfare more than two days before the mans body was found.

Next thing they'll be telling us the call went through to the infamous Bilston Glen call centre.

Oh dear, wait a minute, the BBC have just reported on the case (see and you'll never guess....the call was indeed made to Bilston Glen.

Who'd of thunk it eh.

I'm in no doubt that after this investigation is completed and the PIRC report comes out, senior police officers will come out of the woodwork and defend their failings and tell us lessons have been learned etc. Again.

Oh and I nearly prosecutions of the police officers or call handlers involved will be pursued.

And the Crown office will rely - as they always do - on their two ace card phrases which can never be challenged.

1. "not in the public interest to prosecute"

2. "not enough evidence in law to prosecute".

Yeah those two phrases always work well for the corrupt Crown office and their buddies in untrustworthy Police Scotland when they don't want to prosecute one of their own.