Sunday 15 May 2016

Police Are A Laughing Stock On Twitter

Police Scotland have been made to look a laughing stock by twitter users over a tweet they posted (below).

It looks like the wimps at untrustworthy Police Scotland have become so thin skinned that if you don't say 'kind' things to them they'll come to your house at the weekend and arrest you.

In response to the "is it kind?" question, one twitter user voiced his concern that Police are advising that if he happens to say something they don't like, then uniformed officers using force have the legal right to turn up at his house.

The majority of responses are comical though, making Police Scotland look like a right bunch of wallys.

Cutting responses from some twitter users include one with a pic of Taggart telling his officers "Thur's been a tweet".

Another user (making a clear dig at the "is it necessary?" question) posted a pic of a dog on a skateboard and asks Police Scotland if he'll be getting a visit from them this weekend for posting such an "unnecessary" pic?

Reading through the pile of hilarious tweets from members of the public at Police Scotland's expense gave me a right good laugh...until I took a wee look at a few of the posts I've written on this blog.

Then I stopped laughing, very abruptly.

Dozens of posts on this blog - maybe even hundreds - could easily be viewed as hurtful and unkind to the thin skinned wimps at Police Scotland. I'm sure the fact that those posts are also true, legal, and very, very necessary (in order to expose police corruption) won't wash much with untrustworthy Police Scotland.

So...I've decided to cancel all my plans for this weekend and please feel free to bake me a cake with a file in it.

Because it looks like I'll be getting 'a visit' from the twittering boys in blue this Saturday or Sunday.

Oh well, at least if they're coming over to my place to arrest me this weekend it saves me having to hand myself in.

Especially when it seems half the police stations are closed at the weekend and the other half are closed permanently.