Saturday 21 May 2016

It's Official - Police Are A Bunch Of Psychos

According to a Freedom of Information request obtained by the BBC, the number of police officers and staff who are taking long-term sick leave for psychological reasons has gone up 35% in the last 5 years.

In 2010, 4,544 psycho coppers needed time off to sort their head out.

By 2015 the number of sicko psycho plods had risen to 6,129.

Now, you could be forgiven for thinking that the headline I've attached to this post and the language I have used above is extremely derogatory and mercilessly uncaring to victims of mental illness.

It's not.

I personally do regular voluntary work with people with mental health issues. No one knows the seriousness of this illness and the anguish sufferers face more than I do, I can assure you.

The derogatoriness and uncaring you read in my words above are targeted towards POLICE who claim to have these long-term psychological and mental health issues.

Because you see, corrupt police are very crafty when it comes to covering up their mistakes.

Every police officer knows that the best defence they can have when caught wrongdoing is to claim some sort of ill health. And claiming mental ill health is the best excuse of them all.

They get what's known in police circles as 'a double-dunt' out of this type of defence.

The offending officers get to say they were mentally unfit at the time of the incident so that's why they did what they did.

Similarly, if this defence doesn't prove to be quite enough, they can then further claim that they are still mentally unfit and therefore too unwell to stand trial.

At each stage police officers know they can always rely on their friends and colleagues in the Crown office NOT to prosecute them because the Crown office needs police officers to lie in court for them every day to help get prosecutions against members of the public. The Crown office's unwillingness to prosecute police is considered a natural payback for this part of the deal.

However the Crown office needs to be careful. They have to protect themselves from public criticism so need to come up with a good excuse NOT to prosecute the police.

Hence the 'mental health' excuse. It's the perfect excuse for the Crown office not to prosecute.

Remember the two ace cards, those two well-worn phrases I told you the Crown office like to trot out when they don't want to prosecute people who should be prosecuted (the two phrases that no one anywhere can force the Crown office to change their mind on)?

1. Not enough evidence in law to prosecute

2. Not in the public interest to prosecute.

If a police officer claims he (or she) was mentally unfit at the time he committed his crime, the Crown office can say that it would be very difficult to prove in law that the officer was aware of how his actions on that day could result.

If a police officer claims to be mentally unfit after the crime, the Crown office can use that as an excuse that it's not in the public interest to prosecute a mentally ill person.

See how it all works now?