Sunday 29 May 2016

Go Catch Some Burglars

Wonderful news just in.

Glasgow Crooked City Council are to cut £3 Million worth of funding for 100 police officers due to budget cut backs.

I'm delighted.

100 less police officers is wonderful news for the Scottish public. It means there are 100 less officers lying in courts every day to try to convict innocent members of the public and have them made in to criminals for no reason except to falsify the crime figures to show success and justify their own existence.

Even if each of those 100 police officers only arrested and charged a dozen poor and vulnerable innocent members of the public per week, by my calculations we'll have prevented over 60,000 innocent victims of police corruption from the poorest areas in Scotland from conviction for crimes they did not commit.

Now that really is wonderful news.

As for the other 17,000 or so Police Scotland officers who are still in a job and out there 'at large'...

...go catch some burglars.