Sunday 1 May 2016

Frank Mulholland Gets The Boot

It was only a matter of time after his disastrous handling of the bin lorry tragedy.

It is with great delight that we hear that Lord Advocate Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland is to get the boot from the Crown office.

Of course the Crown office are not quite phrasing like that. No, they prefer to use phrases like 'resigning', 'retiring' or 'not seeking to renew his contract' or, in this particular case, he's 'stepping down'.

But I prefer to phrase it differently. Because we all know he's being booted out because of his corruption and incompetence in the bin lorry tragedy.

Certainly the bin lorry fiasco is not the only corruption and incompetence this Crown office clown Mulholland has displayed during his disastrous tenure, but it is by far his most infamous.

So he 'steps down'. And true to form, it conveniently allows the establishment to set themselves up and get ready to deflect all criticism and blame for everything they did wrong during the Frankie boys time at the helm.

Corruption? Incompetence? Nope, not us guv. That must've happened when Frank Mulholland was the boss - and he's not here any more, sorry.

Yeah. Big boys did it and ran away.

The pattern is all too familiar.

The excrement is about to hit the ventilator big time and the Crown office know it. So the person responsible (the Frankie boy) 'steps down' so that a new stooge and apologist can be put in place to say 'sorry' for what happened previously.

So expect the new Lord Advocate apologist to spew out all those old well worn phrases such as 'it was down to people who no longer work here', 'I'm a new broom sweeping clean', and 'lessons have been learned' etc.