Sunday 8 May 2016

Another Glasgow City Council Disaster

My prediction is that Jobs and Business Glasgow (Scotland's biggest jobs quango) will soon cease to exist.

They are already under police investigation for alleged misuse of EU funds and we now hear that pretty much every director has resigned (well, at the last count there was only one director left).

Interestingly, a senior source at Jobs and Business Glasgow (JBG) has been quoted as saying "...they were concerned that with councillors on the board it raised the potential of conflicts of interest over who they were acting in the best interests of"

So here we have an organisation, run by Glasgow Crooked City Council, which is in serious trouble, is facing fraud allegations, and at it's heart has councillors who's motives for being there are, let's just say, a little more than suspect.

Come on. Seriously guys. You must've known how this was all gonna end...