Wednesday 4 May 2016

A Lesson In Justice

The Law Society of Scotland’s criminal law committee have issued a stark warning that a proposed new domestic abuse law intended to protect victims of psychological abuse lacks clarity and could open the floodgates to "malicious complaints".

Grazia Robertson says: "...we believe there needs to be more clarity on what any gap in existing law might be and need to examine if existing law is working effectively. It will also be essential that any offence extending beyond physical abuse or behaviour currently forbidden by the law, is clearly defined..."

As a victim of a false accuser myself, I have already written extensively about this subject, not just in this blog but in other publications too.

False accusers are often unaware of the extent to which they cause chaos in their victims lives. However many do it especially to cause as much chaos as possible to their victim.

So right away we already have a framework to base some kind of sliding scale of punishments for those false accusers who maliciously seek to cause harm to others.

Police are not skilled or trained nearly enough to spot false accusers. Funds are urgently required for this type of training. A side issue relating to this which has to be looked at is that I do not personally believe that police truly want to expose false accusers. Getting an arrest is what drives Police, not getting to the truth. Hey, the court can sort out all that truth stuff later as far as police are concerned.

If a false accuser walks in to a police station armed with enough documentation that looks reasonably good enough as evidence, why would police NOT want to help the false accuser have his or her wife or husband arrested? The truth would be a lesser result for police. And please don't trot out your official line that police only arrest if the evidence stacks up - you're just insulting everyone's intelligence. I'm talking about a serious issue here so put away your official PR book for a moment and treat it as such.

It saddens me that none of this stuff I'm discussing here ever gets spoken about and that's just plain wrong. It's a taboo subject.

The establishment seem to be under some misguided notion that when it comes to domestic abuse, or any kind of abuse for that matter, that they walk some kind of tight-rope where flushing out a false accusers story and rejecting a genuine victims story are somehow connected and exposing false accusers can hurt how genuine victims are treated. They have this idiotic idea that there's some sort of overlap, and the weeding out and dismissing of a false accusers story can have some sort of negative effect on a genuine victim.

It doesn't.

They are completely different. In fact, every case is different - or so you like to keep telling us Police Scotland.

It's all about INVESTIGATING things. Remember that Police Scotland? Remember good old fashioned Police work? Well do a little bit of it for a change please.

Check out every accusers story. You owe it to the innocent person who you may just be about to deprive of their liberty. Let me repeat that it in case you didn't quite catch it - you owe it to us.

If you have a genuine victim in front of you, his or her story will check out (and the victim will be quite happy to let you check it out AND give you all and any details you ask for).

It's the false accusers who don't want you to dig too deep in to their complaint in case you expose them. They're the ones that are sitting in your police station pushing the life out of you to go arrest the baddie. They're not too difficult to spot.

There are so many alarm bells that ring when you're dealing with a false accuser. It's really not rocket science. I've seen courts throw these cases out within MINUTES. You could too Police Scotland, if you wanted to. Just ask an accuser the right questions and check out their answers - you'll soon see the truth emerge.

We in Scotland need to get rid of this ridiculous idea that our justice system operates whereby Police Scotland charge as many people as possible with crimes and then throw it over to their buddies in the Crown office who pull out every stop possible to get as many successful convictions as they can.

That's not justice. That's hitting targets. That's point scoring. It's playing games with human lives.

Rest assured, I'm not naive. I do understand that MP's and MSP's are putting pressure on police and the Crown office to 'get results' so they can boast to their constituents how tough they've been on crime and get them to vote them back in to office again. I know how it works, believe me.

But there has to come a time where everyone can sit down together and honestly, yes I said honestly, admit to each other that our justice system can't continue to work like this because it is tearing the very fabric of society apart in its current state.

Justice is not about keeping police in a job.

Justice is not about keeping Procurator Fiscals in a job.

Justice is not about getting re-elected to a council or a parliament.

The people of Scotland are sick to the back teeth of you all. We are not lawyers yet we are in no doubt whatsoever what justice is.

It's truth.

It's fairness.

It's protection.

It's goodness.

It embodies every moral fibre of our evolution and is built in to our very souls.

It's high time all of you in our justice system started to practice it.