Tuesday 3 May 2016

A Bung For The Scaredy Cat

Councillor Watson McAteer has asked Police Scotland to become more pro-active in helping with the drug problems in Hawick. He says that class A drugs like heroin and cocaine are too easily available.

It's an admirable call to action but history tells us that our country's drug problem is unlikely to be solved easily - and it certainly won't be solved or even helped in any way by untrustworthy Police Scotland.

Sure, there will be a few raids and a rounding up of users and dealers at the bottom of the rung. But the Mr Bigs will never see the inside of a jail cell.

Now it's not for me to comment why Police Scotland rarely, if ever, get Mr Big.

But it has been suggested to me by others that many police officers are in the pocket of the main drug dealers at the top of the ladder and on the occasions when public opinion erupts and we scream at police to do something about the drugs in our streets they simply get their Mr Big paymasters to throw them a few minnows to arrest.

The idea is that when we, the public, see a few arrests and prosecutions, we are appeased. While the Mr Bigs continue as before.

Some have suggested to me that it's actually much simpler than that and that our police are just scared stiff of the big drug dealers. So they leave them well alone and concentrate only on the users and the lower level dealers.

Take your pick.

Of course if you ask Police Scotland they'll tell you they're doing a wonderful job, increasing public confidence, eradicating crime and drugs from our streets etc.

And such is the arrogance of Police Scotland, they actually think we believe them.