Thursday 12 May 2016

807 Police Scotland Officers Resign

807 Police Scotland officers have resigned since the new centralised Police Scotland came in to being.

This is a worrying statistic and not just for obvious reasons.

When you breakdown the figures they reveal that the resignations have come from:

748 constables

42 sergeants

10 inspectors

7 chief inspectors

Now it should be pretty obvious to everyone that a boss doesn't resign because he doesn't like his employee or what he's doing. It's the exact opposite. An employee will resign if he doesn't like his boss or agree with what management are doing.

So even when you factor in the fact that there are more constables in a police force than there are sergeants, inspectors, and chief inspectors, this still makes grim reading and leads to only one conclusion:

Ordinary coppers are leaving Police Scotland in their droves because of the corruption they see going on in the higher ranks.

We now have a critical situation in Police Scotland where good, decent, honest coppers not only dislike what they see going on - they also realise that there is no chance of promotion unless they participate in the 'corrupt ways' of the upper echelons.

Many good, honest, and decent coppers are simply not prepared to be involved in this corruption.

Officers who refuse to back up their corrupt colleagues find themselves branded outcasts among their fellow officers. They are not considered to be 'team players' and as such will never be recommended to a higher rank.

For good, honest, and decent coppers who are trying to climb the ladder and further their career in order to support their family, there comes a time when they realise that it's never gonna happen.

So there is only really one option...resign.

And good, honest, and decent officers in Police Scotland are doing it in their hundreds.