Monday 9 May 2016

1 Down 17,000 To Go

Police Scotland officer Detective Constable Stuart Galloway, from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, has been jailed for 8 months.

You may remember he is the cop who lied to a sexual abuse victim that her alleged abuser had been arrested and was going on trial, when in fact DC Galloway had done no such thing.

It's worth noting what Sheriff John McCormick told him as he was passing sentence. Sheriff McCormick said "Public trust in police officers is essential. This is particularly so where allegations of sexual assault require investigation. Failure to investigate such allegations can have serious consequences for the alleged victims of crime as well as those accused of crime. Here there is not only a failure to investigate but a concerted attempt to explain delays and conceal any failure."

Well done Sheriff McCormick in getting another corrupt Police Scotland officer off our streets.

Just another 17,000 or so to go...