Friday 1 April 2016

You're All Criminals

A stretch of the Kingsway in Dundee between the Clepington Road junction and the Forfar Road junction has had it's speed limit reduced from 50mph to 40mph.

There doesn't appear to be any rationale for it.

Until you discover that the first thing untrustworthy Police Scotland did after the speed reduction was introduced was to stick their police officers, radar guns in hand, at the new speed limit section.

Hey, Police Scotland. We members of the public are not stupid - we can see that your idea here is to catch as many drivers as possible and especially to take advantage of those drivers who regularly travel that road and have known it for so long to be 50mph, not 40mph.

And your scam is working well.

Police fines have increased more than 10-fold on this stretch of road since the speed reduction.

Claire Armstrong from Safe Speed said "They are a profit-making organisation, there should be no profit in road safety. They are deliberately reducing road speeds because they’ve decided they want to nick more motorists".

I couldn't agree more Claire.

Not only is it profiteering by Police Scotland, it's also a disgusting attempt by police to make more otherwise law abiding members of the public in to criminals.

Alas, they have no shame.