Thursday 28 April 2016

You'll Never Stop Police Stop And Search

A consultation is under way with the Government over Police Scotland's controversial stop and search powers.

The controversy over stop and search has been raging for years.

In a nutshell, Police Scotland were abusing those powers.

No surprise there.

As soon as we withdrew the stop and search from police, they simply pulled another rabbit out of the hat - and used a law which allows them to stop and search members of the public for possessing alcohol.

So all Police Scotland did was go back to their old ways of stopping and searching our children - but this time under the guise of checking them for being in possession of alcohol.

No matter what the Government or the people of Scotland do, untrustworthy Police Scotland will always twist the laws round to suit themselves. Hey, we all know they don't believe the law of the land applies to them. They think the are the law.

Rest assured, no matter what the Government decide, the corrupt and disgusting organisation we know as Police Scotland will always ensure they are a law unto themselves and do exactly as they want regardless.

Get used to it.