Friday 29 April 2016

Two More Top Cops Get The Boot

In completely predictable news (to me anyway), we discover that two more top cops are to join deputy chief constable Neil Richardson at the local 'buroo'.

The latest scalps who are set to get the boot (or 'step down' as they like to call it) are assistant chief constable Ruaraidh Nicolson who is involved in organised crime and counter terrorism, and assistant chief constable Val Thomson who is involved with the planned closure of control centres.

And as predictions go, it's entirely safe to predict that we will soon find out (as if we didn't already know) that there has been enormous corruption and scandal going on regarding Police Scotland's handling of organised crime and terrorism and their control room closures.

When it all comes out in the wash - and we're not far away from it now - there will be a massive public outcry...followed by Police Scotland assuring us that the officers involved are no longer with Police Scotland, a new broom is now sweeping clean, and that lessons have been learned etc.

Have I missed anything?

Nope that's about it really.

Same pattern as always

...followed by business as usual.