Sunday 24 April 2016

Sex Offender On The Loose But Police Don't Want You To Know

There's a dangerous pervert and sex offender on the loose.

So you should be on your guard and look out for....errmmm, we don't actually know.

Police Scotland won't tell us who he or she is, which part of Scotland this sex offender is thought to be hiding, or a description of the person.


According to untrustworthy Police Scotland it's safer to keep his or her details secret. They won't even say what type of risk he or she could be to the public.

All this secrecy would be fine if we, the public, had full faith in Police Scotland and were content that they had this case all in hand.

But we don't.

Public confidence in untrustworthy Police Scotland is at an all time low.

If we and our children are at risk in any way at all tell us now Police Scotland.

Right now.