Thursday 14 April 2016

Save A Life - Go To Jail

A 26 year old man Liam Lee, has told a court how he had to swerve and mount a pavement in order to save the life of a police officer. Had it not been for Liam's quick thinking, PC John Stirling would have been run over.

So did PC Stirling thank the man for saving his life?

Maybe recommend him for a hero award?

How about a medal for his bravery and quick thinking?

Eh, no.

He was arrested for attempting to kill a police officer!

No problem though, there were plenty of witnesses who saw it happen. Within hours they had all given statements to police, all saying that Liam's actions had saved the life of the officer. Phew, thank goodness for that.

Except that the police and their cronies in the Crown office hid those statements from the court. And Liam promptly found himself up on a false charge of attempting to kill a police officer - with no witnesses to say otherwise!

This is no surprise. I had a similar experience with the police and the Crown office trying to hide evidence from the court in order to get a conviction against an innocent man. They do it all the time.

I had to get a Sheriff to force the Crown to hand over evidence they had in their possession that they knew proved my innocence which they had tried to prevent the court from seeing. The Crown were NOT happy with me for forcing them to reveal the truth in court. They don't like it when the truth comes out and it harms their case.

It's often a surprise to members of the public to learn that the Crown office do NOT exist to pursue truth and justice. They exist to prosecute people. And if they have to lie and cheat and with-hold the truth from the court to get a prosecution, even against someone they know to be innocent, they'll do it.

It's not their job to let innocent people go free. It's their job to prosecute. That's why they quite happily prosecute even innocent people who they know to be innocent.

Just remember that the next time you're sitting on a jury and the Procurator Fiscal is making his so-called 'case' to you.

In my case, a corrupt Procurator Fiscal by the name of Calum Forsyth pulled out every stop and did absolutely everything he possibly could in order to prevent evidence showing the truth from coming out in court. But he failed and I succeeded. The Sheriff ordered him to release the evidence to me.

The truth came out, and I won the case.

Yes, the truth came out despite the Crown office attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Of course, the corrupt Procurator Fiscal was never charged for his crimes. No surprise there - a Procurator Fiscal is never gonna prosecute a fellow Procurator Fiscal. End of.

But anyway, back to Liam and his charge of attempting to kill a police officer. What happened to him? How did this come about? How did he manage to eventually expose this corrupt lot in the police and Crown office?

Fortunately for Liam his defence solicitor smelled a rat and was eagle eyed enough to spot the police and Crown office were at the scam.

Not only did Judge Ritchie throw the case out, he ordered a probe into why this vital evidence was withheld. He described the ­conduct of the police probe as “troubling” and their failure to alert Crown ­prosecutors to key witness interviews “simply incomprehensible”.

The Crown office, in their usual weaseling back-tracking style, now claim that they were never told by police about all these other witness statements which contradicted those given by PC Stirling and PC Stowe.

Yeah right.

Police and the Crown office are so in bed together they even discuss the pattern on the duvet.

Judge Ritchie urged the issue to be taken further and is worth quoting at length:

Judge Ritchie said:

"It is simply incomprehensible that the police did not report to the Crown that there were eyewitnesses. I can’t think of any good reason why anyone reporting this to the procurator fiscal would not have included the eyewitness ­statements. May I encourage you to ensure this is taken up with police at the highest level. This simply cannot be tolerated. This is a troubling matter. These people were not identified to the Crown at all. This might not have come to light if it had not been for the defence solicitor."

The bad news is that nothing will come of this. No one from Police Scotland or the Crown office will ever see themselves in the dock over this. They never do.

Just as in my case (which like Liam, I won), the fact that you walk out of court a free man is seen as justice being done in the eyes of the corrupt Crown office and untrustworthy Police Scotland.

But I was innocent BEFORE I walked in to court never mind when I walked out.

So was Liam.

It sickens me that these charlatans at Police Scotland and the Crown office carry on with business as usual while they pervert justice every day. They lie every day. They cheat every day. They are despicable and so is their culture of corruption.

Judge Ritchie has blasted them. Sheriff Dickson has blasted them. Most of the other Judges and Sheriffs are of the same opinion. Yet they still carry on regardless.

They will never see the inside of a dock (or a jail cell).


And that should be concerning to all of us.