Saturday 2 April 2016

Public Demands Mean Nothing

A petition was recently started by campaigner Jody Curtis to stop the police control room closures in the north and north-east of Scotland. Thousands of members of the public registered support for Jody's campaign and it has been heard by the Scottish Parliament’s justice committee.

But it will do no good whatsoever. None at all.

Because Police Scotland don't care what we, the public, want.

This is one of your typical situations in which members of the public are telling Parliament and Police Scotland what we, the public, want them to do. And we really can't have the peasants dictating to the high and mighty now can we?!

The fact that Parliament is elected by the public to represent the public - and Police Scotland are duty bound to help support and protect the public and work solely for the public's benefit - doesn't come in to it at all.

Welcome to Scottish democracy 21st century style.

The way it works is that these organisations get to do exactly what they want, when they want to, with whoever they want. They certainly don't want to be pestered by the pesky public telling them what to do.

And the legitimacy they use to get away with doing whatever they want to do?

Well, they claim to represent us, the public, and ask us to believe that everything they do is for our benefit.

So let me ask you. Do you believe them?