Wednesday 27 April 2016

Police Scotland Secretly Pay Informers

The Sunday Herald has been asking questions about how much of the £400,000 budget Police Scotland have for paying informants has been used to pay political campaigners.

Now most of you probably didn't even know that Police Scotland have nearly half a million quid to play with, let alone that they use it to secretly pay tax free bribes (oops, sorry, payments) to grasses for information.

Like me, you're probably wondering too how reliable the information is if they are actually paying people for it.

And like me, you're probably wondering what checks and balances there are regarding these payments if it's all done in secret.

Perhaps, like me, you wouldn't mind getting a wee cut of the pie too. Hey, we all need to make a crust.

So, Police Scotland...I know lots of things about lots of people and lots of things. Give me a hundred grand and I'll spill the beans about them all.

And if the info I give you ends up being a load of old rubbish I've just made up, don't worry...

It'll be our little secret.