Friday 15 April 2016

Police Scotland In-Fighting

Oh how I love it when Police Scotland start to fight among themselves.

It's not because I take pleasure in seeing discourse in an organisation that I am very publicly and highly critical of - anything that detracts time and resources from the day to day police pursuit of baddies is never a good thing.

But when Police Scotland start their in-fighting, the public very often end up getting a little bit of truth spilling out from the bloodbath that ensues. And that's always good. We don't get a lot of truth from untrustworthy Police Scotland.

Detective Inspector David Moran has broken ranks and is going against his superiors. His private phone records were illegally searched by police colleagues because they suspected he may have been leaking stories to the newspapers about the Emma Caldwell case - which he hadn't even been working on at the time!

I have a message for DI Moran. Now you know how it feels when police form an opinion about you and just run with that opinion, causing immeasurable damage to you, without any evidence.

Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson looks to be very much on the back foot on this one. He already knows he missed out on the chief constables job because of this whole journalist spying scandal. Good riddance to him.

And it serves them all right. The whole lot of them.

Although it's going against the odds, I hope that DI Moran is one of those few good decent honest coppers that there are out there and he successfully exposes the corruption within ranks.

But if he's not and if, in the past, he has pursued innocent members of the public based on his own opinions during his role as a police officer, then he's just had a taste of his own medicine. Good.

Either way sit back and enjoy. Ding ding, it's round one.