Sunday 17 April 2016

MSP Insurance

MSP's have stepped in to the row between DI David Moran and the complaint of corruption he's made against a senior officer in Police Scotland.

The essence of what MSP's are saying is that Police Scotland should not be investigating in to this matter themselves- a neutral, external organisation should be brought in to prevent a situation arising whereby the police are investigating the police.

But wait a minute.

When I made complaints about three corrupt police officers (PC Susan Glendinning, PC Jamie Collins, and PC Brian Fowler) I didn't hear any MSP's or anyone else demanding that outside investigators should be assigned to investigate my case.

In my case, as in every case of complaints about police corruption, the police Professional Standards Department investigated my complaint. In other words, when I complained, the police investigated the police - that's the way it always happens.

So why should DI Moran be given different and preferential treatment? Why should he be afforded an independent, neutral, investigation when I, a member of the public, had to accept having the police investigating themselves forced on me (and we all know how that turned out)?

Don't misunderstand me. I wish all complaints of corruption in Police Scotland were investigated by neutral outside bodies and not by Police Scotland themselves.

But my issue here is why a police officer complaining about corruption in the police force should be given an independent enquiry and preferential treatment - but a member of the public who complains about the very same thing does not.

There's also one other notable thing about this case that everyone seems to have missed so far.

If MSP's are calling for an independent investigation in to DI Moran's complaint then there's every chance they already know that the allegations are probably true and this is gonna cause huge explosions in Police Scotland at the very highest level when it all comes out.

So by speaking up about it now, it means that when the excrement hits the ventilator later (and the high heid yins get away with it - as they always do) MSP's can answer to the publics outrage by claiming that they at least they did their bit to encourage an unbiased investigation from the beginning.

Yes, you need to know the politics of it. It's all about covering ones rear end my dear.

And MSP's in Holyrood and top cops in Police Scotland certainly know how to do that.