Monday 18 April 2016

More Corruption In Police Professional Standards Department

Police Scotland Professional Standards Department are the specialised unit who are supposed to police the police.

The idea is that if you, a member of the public, have knowledge of police corruption, you report it to professional standards and they investigate.

So I did.

But instead of properly investigating my allegations (which included a VIDEO and statements of the three police officers clearly lying), the investigator assigned to deal with my complaint, corrupt Inspector Colin Wylie of Police Scotland Professional Standards Department, swept it under the carpet. To date those three lying Police Scotland officers have never been prosecuted.

They haven't even received as much as a warning or a caution by their superiors for lying in order to jail an innocent man.

This is because the police investigate themselves when you complain about them. And that says it all.

The Police Scotland Professional Standards Department who investigate your complaint are a corrupt organisation who exist to protect their fellow officers and seek to dismiss your complaint rather than dismiss their bent cop pals. It's the worst type of corruption against the general public there can be - a public body who secretly seek to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit. A thoroughly disgusting motley crew if ever there was one.

So it should be no surprise to anyone to discover that the former boss of Police Scotland Professional Standards Department, Eleanor Mitchell, worked with the illegal 'sex spy' unit formerly run by Scotland's top cop Phil 'Gormless'.

Mind you, we don't actually know for sure if she worked with them because, well, untrustworthy Police Scotland, the Government and Eleanor Mitchell herself have all refused to tell us what role she played in the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

I don't know what's worse - the fact that the head of untrustworthy Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department was mixed up with illegal police activities or the fact that Police Scotland refuse to own up and tell us the truth about her role in this illegal organisation.

One thing is for sure though.

If you, a member of the public, try to bring a complaint against the police, you can be assured of the way they'll treat your complaint. And it won't be fairly and it won't be with honesty.

And corrupt Police Scotland officers can continue to lie and act illegally in order to target innocent members of the public, safe in the knowledge that their buddies in Police Scotland Professional Standards Department and the corrupt Crown office will NEVER hold them to account.

Business as usual for untrustworthy Police Scotland.