Wednesday 20 April 2016

It's Official - The Crown Office Cannot Be Trusted To Investigate Themselves

The Lockerbie case has cast a shadow over the Crown office and their dodgy dealings for years.

I've personally come across a number of corrupt Procurator Fiscals in the Crown office in the past. There are many more, believe me. Regular readers will be unsurprised to know that on every single occasion when I exposed a corrupt Procurator Fiscal, the Crown office investigated themselves - and my complaints were dismissed. Every single one of them.

According to the Crown office of course there are no corrupt Procurator Fiscals (Oh yeah? Take a look at and make your own mind up).

Everybody and their neighbours dog know that not only do corrupt Procurator Fiscals exist in large numbers in the Crown office, but they also cover up for each other when accused of wrong-doing.

Hey, we all know how it works.

So it was nice to see in recent news about the Lockerbie case that at long last the Crown have admitted that they are corrupt and cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

A QC is to be appointed to oversee the case rather than the Crown's own advisors.

As far as I'm aware this is a first (and very welcome).

So will we now see some real justice and the Crown office properly held accountable at last?

Errrmmm, well, not quite.

You see, originally, the Lord Advocate, Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland said that although he would appoint the QC to deal with any report from the police, the QC would not be the same person as the senior advocate advising the police. However the public are not stupid. We all knew if he did that it would end up in yet another Crown office cover up and we said so.

And that's why we now hear that the Police, not the Lord Advocate, will appoint the QC.

The idea is that the Crown will not be appointing the person who is to investigate the Crown.

This makes sense (although I should point out that in my case when I unearthed corruption in the Crown office, the Crown were quite happy to appoint one of their own to investigate themselves - seems justice is only available to some, not all, oh well).

So, as far as the Lockerbie case is concerned, we should be pleased with this latest piece of news that the police, not the Crown office, will be appointing the QC who investigates the Crown office.

And this would be good news and would indeed show impartiality...if it wasn't for the fact that Police Scotland are incestuously connected to the Crown office.

The police and the Crown office work together, hand in hand, to prosecute cases.

The police report crimes and people they want prosecuted to the Crown office - and the Crown office help and advise the police in all matters of crime.

The Police and the Crown office are one and the same.

In fact, the Procurator Fiscal is the Police's boss. He relies on police officers to come to court every day and give evidence to support the Crowns prosecution cases. They are intrinsically linked.

There's absolutely no way the police are going to appoint a QC who will properly hold their boss and master in the Crown office to account. It's never going to happen.

And that means there will be no justice for the victims of Lockerbie.

It's encouraging to know that the Crown office have at last admitted that they can't be trusted to investigate themselves. But it's not encouraging to know that they have passed the job on to their friends, colleagues, and most importantly, subordinates in Police Scotland to do it.