Wednesday 27 April 2016

Even When They Lose, They Win

The long awaited decision in to the Hillsborough inquests has finally been revealed.

The police were to blame. They lied. They covered up. They chose to protect themselves and their reputation rather than accepting the blame for the 96 deaths they caused.

Just as bad, they smeared the names of the dead, they arrogantly ignored and denied justice to the families. They intimidated and blackened the names of anyone who dared criticise them.

And that's just for starters.

Today every policeman and policewoman in the UK should hang their heads in shame.

Although the police forces involved in this whole seedy and disgraceful episode are based in England, the Hillsborough debacle still has a massive impact north of the border here in Scotland because police forces all over the UK are linked. Not just by the computer and data systems they share either. Officers freely move around and work between forces in different parts of the country. Officers from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales regularly work together on cases.

Hey, even our current chief constable of Police Scotland came from an English force.

Be assured, Police Scotland officers have exactly the same culture and mindset and use the same systems and procedures as the police involved in the lies, corruption, and cover ups we saw at Hillsborough. Hillsborough was not a failing of just a few police officers in one force. It was a failing of our whole police system - in the whole of the UK.

So what happens now?

Well, this is where it get's interesting and you see 'the pattern' that I often talk about emerging.

You see, just like in the mishandling of the Lockerbie case, there has now been a very long passage of time between the event happening and the truth finally coming out. Hillsborough occurred 27 years ago in 1989 so almost three decades have passed.

And with that passage of time, records will have gone missing, police officers will have retired, many involved will 'claim' to be old and in poor health (accompanied by poor memories no doubt), and some will probably even be dead by now.

Prosecutors from the Crown office will refuse to take action, trotting out their usual string of well-worn phrases such as 'insufficiency of evidence due to the passage of time' and they'll argue that now the truth is out 'justice has been done' so no further action needs to be taken etc.

Don't hold your breath waiting for those responsible for what happened at Hillsborough to end up in a jail cell. OK, so they might throw a token ex-copper or someone of similar insignificance to the wolves, but that'll be little more than a scrap to appease the peasants and only to protect those at the top.

This 'pattern' where the establishment get found out but then wait decades before admitting the truth about corruption in their ranks is designed purely to protect the guilty in the establishment. The police and Crown office protect each other and this is just one of the many sneaky ways they achieve it.

I feel very sad today when I see some of the families of the 96 dead fans rejoicing that the 'truth is out' and 'justice has been done'.

Okay, yes, the truth is out...but it has only came out because of the determination of those wonderful families who persevered under great pressure from those in high office who were hell-bent on hiding their corruption. Had it been left to police and Crown office prosecutors the truth would have been buried forever.

But justice? That's an entirely different thing.

The Hillsborough families have NOT received justice and they will not get justice.

The Lockerbie families have not received justice and will not get justice either.

This 'pattern' of waiting decades until everyone involved in the original corruption is well out the picture needs to be stopped.

Because as things stand right now, when it comes to corruption in our police and our Crown office, even when they lose, they still win.