Thursday 7 April 2016

Dropping Everything

I see that the corrupt Crown office have dropped no less than ELEVEN charges against people arrested in the Edinburgh saunas crackdown.

As everyone with an ounce of sense knows, saunas - no matter where they are in the world - are just brothels under another name. It's the oldest profession in the world and raids from the boys in blue rarely make any difference. Nor do prosecutions.

The Crown Office have stated, "Having considered information provided in these cases, no further criminal proceedings will be taken."

Laura Lee, a sex worker also added that "In some cases, the saunas had been running for 30 years and had a good working relationship with police."

Of course there's no suggestion that this 'good' relationship with police had anything to do with the Crown office dropping all the charges.

But policing in Scotland can be very physically exhausting, officers get all manners of aches and pains, and, well, a visit to a nice wee sauna can be a very relaxing relief after a days stress of policing the mean streets of Auld Reekie.

I can just picture it. Step this way officer, get undressed and grab a towel. Oh and don't forget to take your handcuffs and truncheon in with you - just in case you need to arrest anyone while you're in there ;-), nudge nudge, wink, wink.