Saturday 23 April 2016

Don't Expect Glasgow City Council To Help

Police are investigating an accident near Glasgow's Silverburn shopping centre involving a collision between a motorbike and a bin lorry in which the motorcyclist was seriously injured.

Police are currently investigating the accident and a Glasgow City Council spokesman has been quoted as saying: "At this stage it is still a police matter but of course the council will assist them in their investigation and give them any help we can."

Ah, good news for all involved then - good ole' Glasgow City Council will be assisting and helping.

So how will they be helping I wonder?

By sending in their Health & Safety Executive buddies to make sure no responsibility for the accident falls on GCC's doorstep perhaps?

Who knows.

What we do know from past experience though is that Glasgow Crooked City Council only seem willing to assist and help police (and anyone else for that matter) when it suits them and results in them being let off the hook for things that happen on their watch.

Especially when it involves bin lorries...