Tuesday 19 April 2016

Deputy Chief Constable Will Escape Justice

Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson head of the unit who illegally spied on journalists is making a hasty exit from Police Scotland.

These are my words of course, not the words of Police Scotland.

Police Scotland are spinning it a wee bit differently (as you would expect).

They prefer to put it in another way.

According to Police Scotland, we are to believe that DCC Richardson is merely 'stepping down' and is simply 'not seeking to have his contract renewed' when it expires.

Sorry, but it amounts to the same thing. The public are not stupid.

Happy as I am that DCC Richardson is being kicked out the door (it always pleases me when another corrupt cop is removed from the system), it's also extremely annoying that he won't face justice. You see corrupt cops rarely get properly held to account - Police Scotland just retire them instead.

It's a familiar script.

No doubt a new deputy chief constable will take over Richardson's duties and pretend to be a new broom who has now swept the place clean. The new DCC will answer all our public complaints about the spying scandal with the usual string of excuses including 'it all took place a long time ago' and that 'it happened under a different regime' and 'the officers involved are no longer a part of Police Scotland' etc.

Oh and I almost forgot, we'll also be told that 'lessons have been learned'.

Yeah, they always finish off with that one.