Saturday 30 April 2016

David Harvie - Another Crown Office Clown

I see David Harvie has been appointed crown agent, taking over from Catherine Dyer.

But don't expect things to improve in the corrupt Crown office under this new leadership. David Harvie is very much an insider and veteran of the Crown office - he's currently procurator fiscal for the West of Scotland.

That means there will be no change for the better. No change at all.

In fact it's worse than that. David Harvie actually believes things are currently all hunky dory in the Crown office already so why would he want to make any changes for the better?

If you needed any more proof that this latest Crown office stooge is just as arrogant and clueless as the last one, just look at his comments when responding to press questions about his appointment.

Quote 1: 
"It is a real privilege to lead Scotland’s prosecution service and its talented, hard working staff."

Talented? Hard working? Not words I or anyone I know would ever use to describe staff at the Crown office. Lazy, corrupt, and incompetent? Yes, definitely. But talented and hard working, eemmmm no.

Quote 2:
"We have a strong track record of success in prosecuting crime in Scotland."

So do you feel safe in your bed at night because of all this crime the Crown office claim they have been successful in prosecuting? yeah, thought not.

Quote 3:
"In recent years we have adopted a specialist approach which has helped to increase public confidence in the way we prosecute a range of crimes."

Oh pleeeeeeeze! Where does he get this notion that public confidence in what the Crown office do has increased? Coulson, bin lorry tragedy anyone?

The only people who believe the complete pile of codswallop David Harvie has stated above are his handful of yes men and cronies at the Crown office (and if the truth be known they don't really believe it either).

So the corruption in the Crown office continues just as before under a new crown agent.

Yes folks, another Crown office clown has just taken his seat in the circus of injustice.

And this is one clown the Scottish public are not laughing at.