Sunday 3 April 2016

Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service At It Again

In yet another 'are we supposed to be surprised?' debacle, a top lawyer and campaigners have raised concerns over the Crown office's handling of the football kettling incident.

As you may recall, the evidence given by a sergeant from Police Scotland led to the conviction of two football fans. However the quality of the officers evidence was questioned by sheriffs.

That's a nice way of saying he lied.

So what happens when the police lie?

Well, they should be reported to the Crown office and prosecuted.

But as I know from experience, this rarely happens. The Crown office just drag their heels until you get fed up pursuing them and eventually you go away.

And if you don't go away they simply give you one of their 'final' decisions (which is always a refusal to prosecute).

So your pursuit of justice comes to an abrupt end either way.

Don't expect the corrupt Crown office to change their ways any time soon.