Saturday 9 April 2016

Corrupt Translations

A car dealer who had his dealership raided by police for no reason whatsoever has had the case thrown out by a judge.

Sheriff Alastair Brown said there appeared to be "questionable compliance" by the police in submitting evidence to the procurator fiscal in relation to the raid, and "unsatisfactory information" supplied by the Crown office.

Let me translate.

The police abused their powers to go on a fishing expedition against an innocent man hoping to catch him for doing something, anything. Think of it as the same way they point their speed cameras at every car that comes around the corner just hoping to get a 'hit' - they're not after anyone in particular, anyone will do - as long as they get an arrest, that's all that matters.

And hey, if they struggle to get an arrest, police will happily make something up and even lie about it in court to ensure a conviction. No problem.

Sheriffs understandably don't want to undermine public confidence in the justice system any more than they need to. So they always tread lightly when they say that police are corrupt and the Crown office have been chancing their arm trying to stitch up innocent members of the public.

But no matter how much untrustworthy Police Scotland and their cronies at the Crown office try to dress this up, we are left in no doubt as to what Sheriff Brown said about them in this case.

A spokeswoman for untrustworthy Police Scotland said: "We note the decision of the sheriff. It is not our interpretation that Sheriff Brown has expressed an opinion that the actions of the police were in any way unlawful."

Let me translate that as well:

We, untrustworthy Police Scotland know fine well that the Sheriff has said that we, the police, were unlawful.

There, how easy was that.

I could get a job with Google Translate.