Tuesday 12 April 2016

Burying The Survivors

Reports are coming in that say pressure is building up on Lord Advocate Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland to reveal who, if anyone, will be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice in the Lockerbie case.

Pressure? More like the liquid in a slow cooker bubbling away to nothing if you ask me. The Lockerbie scandal has been going on for decades and nothing resembling any sort of justice has ever come out of it (thanks to the Crown office).

If this is what the Frankie boy considers pressure I'd hate to see him under real pressure.

I mean, exactly how long has the Lockerbie case been dragging on for?

Answer: 1988 - so not far off 30 years.

Yip, you can always count on the corrupt Crown office to make sure the mistakes in a case get buried until such times as just about everyone connected to the case is..well...buried.

My prediction?

Give it another 10 years or so and they'll release a statement saying "mistakes were made" and "lessons have been learned" <yawn>.

Oh, and not forgetting the obligatory "no one will be prosecuted".

Yeah, they always finish with that one.