Thursday 21 April 2016

Bonnie Dundee Told You So

The chief executive of Dundee council is to write to the head of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) raising concerns about 999 and 101 calls being re-routed to central Scotland control rooms and will stress the dangers of losing local knowledge when it comes to responding to emergency calls.

I can save him some time and ink.

Don't bother.

The SPA (who are supposed to hold Police Scotland to account) are now so in bed with Police Scotland that the Dundee councils plea will fall on deaf ears.

One of the very first things Phil 'Gormless' did when he took over as chief constable was to 'sook up' to the SPA. Relations between the SPA and Police Scotland had been rather strained under Stephen House and Phil Gormley quickly realised that if he wanted to get away with doing whatever he wanted in Police Scotland he would have to sweet-talk and exert control over the people who are supposed to hold him to account - the SPA.

He quickly achieved that.

Andrew Flanagan (chairman of the SPA) and Phil Gormley are so nice 'n cosy with each other now that Police Scotland have a free reign to do whatever they want and can act however they like without restrictions from the SPA.

That's why Dundee councils pleas will be ignored.

Until of course someone loses their life because of these control room closures. Then it'll be different.

When a tragedy happens (and sadly it will - soon), Dundee council will be able to say 'We told you so'.

But what good will it do then?

We all know that Police Scotland will just apologise, say lessons have been learned, launch an enquiry (which, by the time it has concluded, years will have passed and a new chief constable will have taken over).

No-one will ever be held accountable and the whole circus will start all over again.

And as always, it's the public who lose out as untrustworthy Police Scotland and their cronies in the SPA all scurry around like rats trying to blame everyone but themselves for the disaster, quietly retire the guilty, and cover up the whole thing.