Saturday 30 April 2016

David Harvie - Another Crown Office Clown

I see David Harvie has been appointed crown agent, taking over from Catherine Dyer.

But don't expect things to improve in the corrupt Crown office under this new leadership. David Harvie is very much an insider and veteran of the Crown office - he's currently procurator fiscal for the West of Scotland.

That means there will be no change for the better. No change at all.

In fact it's worse than that. David Harvie actually believes things are currently all hunky dory in the Crown office already so why would he want to make any changes for the better?

If you needed any more proof that this latest Crown office stooge is just as arrogant and clueless as the last one, just look at his comments when responding to press questions about his appointment.

Quote 1: 
"It is a real privilege to lead Scotland’s prosecution service and its talented, hard working staff."

Talented? Hard working? Not words I or anyone I know would ever use to describe staff at the Crown office. Lazy, corrupt, and incompetent? Yes, definitely. But talented and hard working, eemmmm no.

Quote 2:
"We have a strong track record of success in prosecuting crime in Scotland."

So do you feel safe in your bed at night because of all this crime the Crown office claim they have been successful in prosecuting? yeah, thought not.

Quote 3:
"In recent years we have adopted a specialist approach which has helped to increase public confidence in the way we prosecute a range of crimes."

Oh pleeeeeeeze! Where does he get this notion that public confidence in what the Crown office do has increased? Coulson, bin lorry tragedy anyone?

The only people who believe the complete pile of codswallop David Harvie has stated above are his handful of yes men and cronies at the Crown office (and if the truth be known they don't really believe it either).

So the corruption in the Crown office continues just as before under a new crown agent.

Yes folks, another Crown office clown has just taken his seat in the circus of injustice.

And this is one clown the Scottish public are not laughing at.

Friday 29 April 2016

Two More Top Cops Get The Boot

In completely predictable news (to me anyway), we discover that two more top cops are to join deputy chief constable Neil Richardson at the local 'buroo'.

The latest scalps who are set to get the boot (or 'step down' as they like to call it) are assistant chief constable Ruaraidh Nicolson who is involved in organised crime and counter terrorism, and assistant chief constable Val Thomson who is involved with the planned closure of control centres.

And as predictions go, it's entirely safe to predict that we will soon find out (as if we didn't already know) that there has been enormous corruption and scandal going on regarding Police Scotland's handling of organised crime and terrorism and their control room closures.

When it all comes out in the wash - and we're not far away from it now - there will be a massive public outcry...followed by Police Scotland assuring us that the officers involved are no longer with Police Scotland, a new broom is now sweeping clean, and that lessons have been learned etc.

Have I missed anything?

Nope that's about it really.

Same pattern as always

...followed by business as usual.

Thursday 28 April 2016

You'll Never Stop Police Stop And Search

A consultation is under way with the Government over Police Scotland's controversial stop and search powers.

The controversy over stop and search has been raging for years.

In a nutshell, Police Scotland were abusing those powers.

No surprise there.

As soon as we withdrew the stop and search from police, they simply pulled another rabbit out of the hat - and used a law which allows them to stop and search members of the public for possessing alcohol.

So all Police Scotland did was go back to their old ways of stopping and searching our children - but this time under the guise of checking them for being in possession of alcohol.

No matter what the Government or the people of Scotland do, untrustworthy Police Scotland will always twist the laws round to suit themselves. Hey, we all know they don't believe the law of the land applies to them. They think the are the law.

Rest assured, no matter what the Government decide, the corrupt and disgusting organisation we know as Police Scotland will always ensure they are a law unto themselves and do exactly as they want regardless.

Get used to it.

Wednesday 27 April 2016

Police Scotland Secretly Pay Informers

The Sunday Herald has been asking questions about how much of the £400,000 budget Police Scotland have for paying informants has been used to pay political campaigners.

Now most of you probably didn't even know that Police Scotland have nearly half a million quid to play with, let alone that they use it to secretly pay tax free bribes (oops, sorry, payments) to grasses for information.

Like me, you're probably wondering too how reliable the information is if they are actually paying people for it.

And like me, you're probably wondering what checks and balances there are regarding these payments if it's all done in secret.

Perhaps, like me, you wouldn't mind getting a wee cut of the pie too. Hey, we all need to make a crust.

So, Police Scotland...I know lots of things about lots of people and lots of things. Give me a hundred grand and I'll spill the beans about them all.

And if the info I give you ends up being a load of old rubbish I've just made up, don't worry...

It'll be our little secret.

Even When They Lose, They Win

The long awaited decision in to the Hillsborough inquests has finally been revealed.

The police were to blame. They lied. They covered up. They chose to protect themselves and their reputation rather than accepting the blame for the 96 deaths they caused.

Just as bad, they smeared the names of the dead, they arrogantly ignored and denied justice to the families. They intimidated and blackened the names of anyone who dared criticise them.

And that's just for starters.

Today every policeman and policewoman in the UK should hang their heads in shame.

Although the police forces involved in this whole seedy and disgraceful episode are based in England, the Hillsborough debacle still has a massive impact north of the border here in Scotland because police forces all over the UK are linked. Not just by the computer and data systems they share either. Officers freely move around and work between forces in different parts of the country. Officers from England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales regularly work together on cases.

Hey, even our current chief constable of Police Scotland came from an English force.

Be assured, Police Scotland officers have exactly the same culture and mindset and use the same systems and procedures as the police involved in the lies, corruption, and cover ups we saw at Hillsborough. Hillsborough was not a failing of just a few police officers in one force. It was a failing of our whole police system - in the whole of the UK.

So what happens now?

Well, this is where it get's interesting and you see 'the pattern' that I often talk about emerging.

You see, just like in the mishandling of the Lockerbie case, there has now been a very long passage of time between the event happening and the truth finally coming out. Hillsborough occurred 27 years ago in 1989 so almost three decades have passed.

And with that passage of time, records will have gone missing, police officers will have retired, many involved will 'claim' to be old and in poor health (accompanied by poor memories no doubt), and some will probably even be dead by now.

Prosecutors from the Crown office will refuse to take action, trotting out their usual string of well-worn phrases such as 'insufficiency of evidence due to the passage of time' and they'll argue that now the truth is out 'justice has been done' so no further action needs to be taken etc.

Don't hold your breath waiting for those responsible for what happened at Hillsborough to end up in a jail cell. OK, so they might throw a token ex-copper or someone of similar insignificance to the wolves, but that'll be little more than a scrap to appease the peasants and only to protect those at the top.

This 'pattern' where the establishment get found out but then wait decades before admitting the truth about corruption in their ranks is designed purely to protect the guilty in the establishment. The police and Crown office protect each other and this is just one of the many sneaky ways they achieve it.

I feel very sad today when I see some of the families of the 96 dead fans rejoicing that the 'truth is out' and 'justice has been done'.

Okay, yes, the truth is out...but it has only came out because of the determination of those wonderful families who persevered under great pressure from those in high office who were hell-bent on hiding their corruption. Had it been left to police and Crown office prosecutors the truth would have been buried forever.

But justice? That's an entirely different thing.

The Hillsborough families have NOT received justice and they will not get justice.

The Lockerbie families have not received justice and will not get justice either.

This 'pattern' of waiting decades until everyone involved in the original corruption is well out the picture needs to be stopped.

Because as things stand right now, when it comes to corruption in our police and our Crown office, even when they lose, they still win.

Tuesday 26 April 2016

Why Police Scotland Corruption Will Continue

Kevin McKenna has written a great piece on the corruption in Police Scotland. He talks about the extent of the corruption, how it must be tackled, but why he has little confidence that things will ever change.

It makes depressing reading.

Sadly Kevin is correct. Take a look at:

Monday 25 April 2016

Make Money Helping Dictators

Police Scotland have made around £1 Million training police in other countries.

Only embarrassing thing about it is the police they are training happen to be in countries with some of the most abusive human rights records in the world including Sudan and Sri Lanka.

Well, when I say embarrassing I mean it's embarrassing to us, the good decent Scottish public. Police Scotland on the other hand have no shame. They're not embarrassed to be helping security forces in dictator led countries with disgraceful human rights records. In fact, human rights abuses are pretty much right up Police Scotland's street.

It's a win-win for everyone as far as they are concerned.

Police Scotland get to pocket £1 Million (which should help them buy a few more speed cameras to target members of the public instead of chasing burglars, murderers, and rapists).

And the police/security forces in these dictator run countries get to learn from Police Scotland how to circumvent the human rights act and arrest and detain innocent people.

Because when it comes to knowing how to get around the human rights act, withholding and hiding evidence, and pursuing innocent people they know to be innocent, there is certainly no better organisation than untrustworthy Police Scotland to teach us all how to do that.

Sunday 24 April 2016

Sex Offender On The Loose But Police Don't Want You To Know

There's a dangerous pervert and sex offender on the loose.

So you should be on your guard and look out for....errmmm, we don't actually know.

Police Scotland won't tell us who he or she is, which part of Scotland this sex offender is thought to be hiding, or a description of the person.


According to untrustworthy Police Scotland it's safer to keep his or her details secret. They won't even say what type of risk he or she could be to the public.

All this secrecy would be fine if we, the public, had full faith in Police Scotland and were content that they had this case all in hand.

But we don't.

Public confidence in untrustworthy Police Scotland is at an all time low.

If we and our children are at risk in any way at all tell us now Police Scotland.

Right now.

Saturday 23 April 2016

Don't Expect Glasgow City Council To Help

Police are investigating an accident near Glasgow's Silverburn shopping centre involving a collision between a motorbike and a bin lorry in which the motorcyclist was seriously injured.

Police are currently investigating the accident and a Glasgow City Council spokesman has been quoted as saying: "At this stage it is still a police matter but of course the council will assist them in their investigation and give them any help we can."

Ah, good news for all involved then - good ole' Glasgow City Council will be assisting and helping.

So how will they be helping I wonder?

By sending in their Health & Safety Executive buddies to make sure no responsibility for the accident falls on GCC's doorstep perhaps?

Who knows.

What we do know from past experience though is that Glasgow Crooked City Council only seem willing to assist and help police (and anyone else for that matter) when it suits them and results in them being let off the hook for things that happen on their watch.

Especially when it involves bin lorries...

Friday 22 April 2016

Police Counter Corruption Unit Is Corrupt Itself

Police Scotland's Counter Corruption Unit has been in the news for quite a long time now - and for all the wrong reasons.

Just to remind you, the CCU is the unit that was set up to investigate and expose corruption in the police.

However it became embroiled in the journalists spying saga and really hasn't come out smelling of roses.

We now hear that it is to be closed down.

While it is good news for the public that a corrupt police department is to be disbanded, surely no-one can miss the irony in the fact that this corrupt unit was set up to tackle police corruption!

It's a sad day for the people of Scotland when the police who are investigating corruption are themselves corrupt.

What's even sadder for the people of Scotland is that as soon as this unit closes down you just know they'll simply create another new unit - under a different name of course - to do exactly the same thing.

Corruption needs to continue on an industrial scale in our justice system in order to safeguard the jobs of the charlatans in Police Scotland and the Crown office who seek to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit.

That's why, very soon, it'll be business as usual again for untrustworthy Police Scotland and their new anti corruption unit - whatever new moniker they decide to give it.

Thursday 21 April 2016

Police Corruption Much More Than Figures Suggest

In the space of just one year (March 2015 to February 2016) no less than 133 Police Scotland officers were reported for drug use, downloading illegal content from the internet, sexual misconduct, and illegally passing on information.

Even more shocking is that only 2 of these cases ever resulted in charges being brought - and we don't even know if those 2 charges ever saw the light of day in a court of law.

But there's something even more shocking...

According to the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) most police officers feel unable to raise concerns to the Professional Standards Department and the Counter Corruption Unit.

Which means the number of Police Scotland officers who are involved in drug use, downloading illegal content from the internet, sexual misconduct, and illegally passing on information number many, many more than just the 133 we currently know about.

Sounds like Police Scotland is corrupt to the core.

Ahhh, as if we didn't know...

Bonnie Dundee Told You So

The chief executive of Dundee council is to write to the head of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) raising concerns about 999 and 101 calls being re-routed to central Scotland control rooms and will stress the dangers of losing local knowledge when it comes to responding to emergency calls.

I can save him some time and ink.

Don't bother.

The SPA (who are supposed to hold Police Scotland to account) are now so in bed with Police Scotland that the Dundee councils plea will fall on deaf ears.

One of the very first things Phil 'Gormless' did when he took over as chief constable was to 'sook up' to the SPA. Relations between the SPA and Police Scotland had been rather strained under Stephen House and Phil Gormley quickly realised that if he wanted to get away with doing whatever he wanted in Police Scotland he would have to sweet-talk and exert control over the people who are supposed to hold him to account - the SPA.

He quickly achieved that.

Andrew Flanagan (chairman of the SPA) and Phil Gormley are so nice 'n cosy with each other now that Police Scotland have a free reign to do whatever they want and can act however they like without restrictions from the SPA.

That's why Dundee councils pleas will be ignored.

Until of course someone loses their life because of these control room closures. Then it'll be different.

When a tragedy happens (and sadly it will - soon), Dundee council will be able to say 'We told you so'.

But what good will it do then?

We all know that Police Scotland will just apologise, say lessons have been learned, launch an enquiry (which, by the time it has concluded, years will have passed and a new chief constable will have taken over).

No-one will ever be held accountable and the whole circus will start all over again.

And as always, it's the public who lose out as untrustworthy Police Scotland and their cronies in the SPA all scurry around like rats trying to blame everyone but themselves for the disaster, quietly retire the guilty, and cover up the whole thing.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

It's Official - The Crown Office Cannot Be Trusted To Investigate Themselves

The Lockerbie case has cast a shadow over the Crown office and their dodgy dealings for years.

I've personally come across a number of corrupt Procurator Fiscals in the Crown office in the past. There are many more, believe me. Regular readers will be unsurprised to know that on every single occasion when I exposed a corrupt Procurator Fiscal, the Crown office investigated themselves - and my complaints were dismissed. Every single one of them.

According to the Crown office of course there are no corrupt Procurator Fiscals (Oh yeah? Take a look at and make your own mind up).

Everybody and their neighbours dog know that not only do corrupt Procurator Fiscals exist in large numbers in the Crown office, but they also cover up for each other when accused of wrong-doing.

Hey, we all know how it works.

So it was nice to see in recent news about the Lockerbie case that at long last the Crown have admitted that they are corrupt and cannot be trusted to investigate themselves.

A QC is to be appointed to oversee the case rather than the Crown's own advisors.

As far as I'm aware this is a first (and very welcome).

So will we now see some real justice and the Crown office properly held accountable at last?

Errrmmm, well, not quite.

You see, originally, the Lord Advocate, Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland said that although he would appoint the QC to deal with any report from the police, the QC would not be the same person as the senior advocate advising the police. However the public are not stupid. We all knew if he did that it would end up in yet another Crown office cover up and we said so.

And that's why we now hear that the Police, not the Lord Advocate, will appoint the QC.

The idea is that the Crown will not be appointing the person who is to investigate the Crown.

This makes sense (although I should point out that in my case when I unearthed corruption in the Crown office, the Crown were quite happy to appoint one of their own to investigate themselves - seems justice is only available to some, not all, oh well).

So, as far as the Lockerbie case is concerned, we should be pleased with this latest piece of news that the police, not the Crown office, will be appointing the QC who investigates the Crown office.

And this would be good news and would indeed show impartiality...if it wasn't for the fact that Police Scotland are incestuously connected to the Crown office.

The police and the Crown office work together, hand in hand, to prosecute cases.

The police report crimes and people they want prosecuted to the Crown office - and the Crown office help and advise the police in all matters of crime.

The Police and the Crown office are one and the same.

In fact, the Procurator Fiscal is the Police's boss. He relies on police officers to come to court every day and give evidence to support the Crowns prosecution cases. They are intrinsically linked.

There's absolutely no way the police are going to appoint a QC who will properly hold their boss and master in the Crown office to account. It's never going to happen.

And that means there will be no justice for the victims of Lockerbie.

It's encouraging to know that the Crown office have at last admitted that they can't be trusted to investigate themselves. But it's not encouraging to know that they have passed the job on to their friends, colleagues, and most importantly, subordinates in Police Scotland to do it. 

Why Survey Showing Police Are Useless Is Good News For Police

A recent Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) has revealed that more than half of violent crimes committed in Scotland do NOT get reported to Police Scotland.

The most common reason the public give for not reporting violent crimes was that victims felt the police would not have done anything (36% of those surveyed said this).

This new Scottish Crime and Justice Survey has merely revealed what we, the public have known for years.

Police Scotland are useless as well as untrustworthy.

Make no bones about it, this is a damning report and exposes how ineffective our Police force really is.

But Police Scotland will be delighted by the report.

You see, as long as members of the public have no confidence in Police Scotland and do not report violent crimes to them, crime figures get kept artificially low.

And low crime figures make it look as if police are doing a great job.

See how it all works now? It's all about falsifying the figures.

So all your average PC Plod has to do these days is turn up for work every day, keep his head down, and put in enough shifts until he hits early retirement - then walk away with a nice pension and lump sum.

Everybody's happy.

Oh, except the poor members of the public who have to face violent crime every day while our Police force sit back looking after themselves, not giving a hoot about us or our safety.

But then again, when has helping, supporting, and keeping the public safe ever had anything to do with what Police Scotland do and why they exist?

Police Scotland has always been about working for their own benefit, not ours.

Members of the public are purely seen as targets and fair game to Police Scotland - even though we pay their wages and expect them to help, support and protect us, not target us.

When you see a police car behind you in your rear view mirror do you feel safe...or do you feel anxious?

Nuff said.

Tuesday 19 April 2016

Deputy Chief Constable Will Escape Justice

Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson head of the unit who illegally spied on journalists is making a hasty exit from Police Scotland.

These are my words of course, not the words of Police Scotland.

Police Scotland are spinning it a wee bit differently (as you would expect).

They prefer to put it in another way.

According to Police Scotland, we are to believe that DCC Richardson is merely 'stepping down' and is simply 'not seeking to have his contract renewed' when it expires.

Sorry, but it amounts to the same thing. The public are not stupid.

Happy as I am that DCC Richardson is being kicked out the door (it always pleases me when another corrupt cop is removed from the system), it's also extremely annoying that he won't face justice. You see corrupt cops rarely get properly held to account - Police Scotland just retire them instead.

It's a familiar script.

No doubt a new deputy chief constable will take over Richardson's duties and pretend to be a new broom who has now swept the place clean. The new DCC will answer all our public complaints about the spying scandal with the usual string of excuses including 'it all took place a long time ago' and that 'it happened under a different regime' and 'the officers involved are no longer a part of Police Scotland' etc.

Oh and I almost forgot, we'll also be told that 'lessons have been learned'.

Yeah, they always finish off with that one.

Andrew Flanagan's Blue Screen Of Death

Andrew Flanagan, head of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) - the body who are supposed to hold Police Scotland to account - has suspiciously supported Police Scotland's decision to close northern control rooms.

This is despite widespread public criticism of the decision which claims that local knowledge is absolutely essential for policing.

Centralising control rooms will risk lives. The public don't want it. Yet the SPA support it.

So why is the man who we the public employ to hold Police Scotland to account, going against us, the public, and supporting Police Scotland instead?

Well, it's probably no co-incidence that new chief constable Phil "Gormless' stated at the beginning of his tenure that he wanted to have 'better relations' with the SPA.

And it certainly seems like these 'better relations' are working rather well for uncle Phil. In just a few short months he's managed to get Andrew Flanagan and the whole SPA completely in to bed with him.

So what crazy excuse has Andrew Flanagan come up with to defend his decision to support Police Scotland in their control room closure blitz and go against the public who pay him?

Answer: Technology.

Andrew Flanagan has been quoted as saying “When a call comes through, the technology is such that it immediately brings up where the call is coming from and brings up a map of the location, so you are pinpointing it, even before it comes to saying ‘Police Scotland, how can I help you? You are immediately getting reference information and they have more detailed systems which actually build in a lot of local knowledge'.

So there you have it. Police Scotland and the SPA are confident that computer technology is going to save lives.

Now I'm not sure what computer technology they intend to use. Neither do they I suspect - it's common knowledge that Police Scotland's new IT system has never worked properly since day one and may even have to be scrapped.

And as any computer user will tell you, technology is anything but foolproof.

We've all experienced computer crashes where your screen displays what's commonly known as 'the blue screen of death'.

So here's my prediction. The phrase 'the blue screen of death' will become literal one day in the not too distant future.

Mark my words, it's only a matter of time before someone will die because of Police Scotland's computerised centralisation policy - a policy wholeheartedly supported by the SPA watchdog who are supposed to be protecting us from things like this happening.

Monday 18 April 2016

More Corruption In Police Professional Standards Department

Police Scotland Professional Standards Department are the specialised unit who are supposed to police the police.

The idea is that if you, a member of the public, have knowledge of police corruption, you report it to professional standards and they investigate.

So I did.

But instead of properly investigating my allegations (which included a VIDEO and statements of the three police officers clearly lying), the investigator assigned to deal with my complaint, corrupt Inspector Colin Wylie of Police Scotland Professional Standards Department, swept it under the carpet. To date those three lying Police Scotland officers have never been prosecuted.

They haven't even received as much as a warning or a caution by their superiors for lying in order to jail an innocent man.

This is because the police investigate themselves when you complain about them. And that says it all.

The Police Scotland Professional Standards Department who investigate your complaint are a corrupt organisation who exist to protect their fellow officers and seek to dismiss your complaint rather than dismiss their bent cop pals. It's the worst type of corruption against the general public there can be - a public body who secretly seek to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit. A thoroughly disgusting motley crew if ever there was one.

So it should be no surprise to anyone to discover that the former boss of Police Scotland Professional Standards Department, Eleanor Mitchell, worked with the illegal 'sex spy' unit formerly run by Scotland's top cop Phil 'Gormless'.

Mind you, we don't actually know for sure if she worked with them because, well, untrustworthy Police Scotland, the Government and Eleanor Mitchell herself have all refused to tell us what role she played in the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

I don't know what's worse - the fact that the head of untrustworthy Police Scotland's Professional Standards Department was mixed up with illegal police activities or the fact that Police Scotland refuse to own up and tell us the truth about her role in this illegal organisation.

One thing is for sure though.

If you, a member of the public, try to bring a complaint against the police, you can be assured of the way they'll treat your complaint. And it won't be fairly and it won't be with honesty.

And corrupt Police Scotland officers can continue to lie and act illegally in order to target innocent members of the public, safe in the knowledge that their buddies in Police Scotland Professional Standards Department and the corrupt Crown office will NEVER hold them to account.

Business as usual for untrustworthy Police Scotland.

Armed Police On Routine Patrol

Despite constant denials by untrustworthy Police Scotland that armed police do not roam our streets on routine patrols, we, the public, still continue to see it happen.

Let's be clear, armed police on our streets has absolutely NOTHING to do with being prepared for any prospective terrorism attack.

Armed police on our streets, on routine patrols, are designed to intimidate the public. End of.

That's right folks, police purposely seek to intimidate the very people they should be working to help, support and protect - us.

Take a look at the armed police in the pic below.

Then look at the ordinary normal members of the public around them.

I'm sure you'll agree, Al Quaeda they ain't.

I suppose if I'm being fair, it's probably understandable that the copper to the left would need to shoot criminals with his gun. Because he certainly doesn't look as if he would be able to chase them very far...

Sunday 17 April 2016

MSP Insurance

MSP's have stepped in to the row between DI David Moran and the complaint of corruption he's made against a senior officer in Police Scotland.

The essence of what MSP's are saying is that Police Scotland should not be investigating in to this matter themselves- a neutral, external organisation should be brought in to prevent a situation arising whereby the police are investigating the police.

But wait a minute.

When I made complaints about three corrupt police officers (PC Susan Glendinning, PC Jamie Collins, and PC Brian Fowler) I didn't hear any MSP's or anyone else demanding that outside investigators should be assigned to investigate my case.

In my case, as in every case of complaints about police corruption, the police Professional Standards Department investigated my complaint. In other words, when I complained, the police investigated the police - that's the way it always happens.

So why should DI Moran be given different and preferential treatment? Why should he be afforded an independent, neutral, investigation when I, a member of the public, had to accept having the police investigating themselves forced on me (and we all know how that turned out)?

Don't misunderstand me. I wish all complaints of corruption in Police Scotland were investigated by neutral outside bodies and not by Police Scotland themselves.

But my issue here is why a police officer complaining about corruption in the police force should be given an independent enquiry and preferential treatment - but a member of the public who complains about the very same thing does not.

There's also one other notable thing about this case that everyone seems to have missed so far.

If MSP's are calling for an independent investigation in to DI Moran's complaint then there's every chance they already know that the allegations are probably true and this is gonna cause huge explosions in Police Scotland at the very highest level when it all comes out.

So by speaking up about it now, it means that when the excrement hits the ventilator later (and the high heid yins get away with it - as they always do) MSP's can answer to the publics outrage by claiming that they at least they did their bit to encourage an unbiased investigation from the beginning.

Yes, you need to know the politics of it. It's all about covering ones rear end my dear.

And MSP's in Holyrood and top cops in Police Scotland certainly know how to do that.

Saturday 16 April 2016

Glasgow City Council Spying On You

The Scottish Government have made a bit of a boo boo.

In what has been described as an "administrative error" our Government wrongly handed out surveillance powers to run-of-the-mill middle managers in local councils (instead of to senior personnel).

Now you may be aghast to know that even senior personnel in your local council can spy on you. Perhaps you didn't know this happens. It does. Welcome to the world of Big Brother. Your council can spy on you, and they have been doing so for a very long time - including among other things spying on your health records, communications with your MP, journalists' sources etc.

It's a disgrace that some jumped-up council worker has the power to spy on members of the public, especially when we all know that when you give these kind of powers to a council they will abuse them. Guaranteed.

It's all depressing enough without discovering that some lowly worker in middle-management further down the councils food chain has been given these spying powers.

It's nothing short of scandalous.

But as usual no-one will be blamed and no one will be held accountable for it - and all the budding 007's in Glasgow Crooked City Council will continue with business as usual once it has all blown over.

Friday 15 April 2016

Police Scotland In-Fighting

Oh how I love it when Police Scotland start to fight among themselves.

It's not because I take pleasure in seeing discourse in an organisation that I am very publicly and highly critical of - anything that detracts time and resources from the day to day police pursuit of baddies is never a good thing.

But when Police Scotland start their in-fighting, the public very often end up getting a little bit of truth spilling out from the bloodbath that ensues. And that's always good. We don't get a lot of truth from untrustworthy Police Scotland.

Detective Inspector David Moran has broken ranks and is going against his superiors. His private phone records were illegally searched by police colleagues because they suspected he may have been leaking stories to the newspapers about the Emma Caldwell case - which he hadn't even been working on at the time!

I have a message for DI Moran. Now you know how it feels when police form an opinion about you and just run with that opinion, causing immeasurable damage to you, without any evidence.

Deputy Chief Constable Neil Richardson looks to be very much on the back foot on this one. He already knows he missed out on the chief constables job because of this whole journalist spying scandal. Good riddance to him.

And it serves them all right. The whole lot of them.

Although it's going against the odds, I hope that DI Moran is one of those few good decent honest coppers that there are out there and he successfully exposes the corruption within ranks.

But if he's not and if, in the past, he has pursued innocent members of the public based on his own opinions during his role as a police officer, then he's just had a taste of his own medicine. Good.

Either way sit back and enjoy. Ding ding, it's round one.

Thursday 14 April 2016

Save A Life - Go To Jail

A 26 year old man Liam Lee, has told a court how he had to swerve and mount a pavement in order to save the life of a police officer. Had it not been for Liam's quick thinking, PC John Stirling would have been run over.

So did PC Stirling thank the man for saving his life?

Maybe recommend him for a hero award?

How about a medal for his bravery and quick thinking?

Eh, no.

He was arrested for attempting to kill a police officer!

No problem though, there were plenty of witnesses who saw it happen. Within hours they had all given statements to police, all saying that Liam's actions had saved the life of the officer. Phew, thank goodness for that.

Except that the police and their cronies in the Crown office hid those statements from the court. And Liam promptly found himself up on a false charge of attempting to kill a police officer - with no witnesses to say otherwise!

This is no surprise. I had a similar experience with the police and the Crown office trying to hide evidence from the court in order to get a conviction against an innocent man. They do it all the time.

I had to get a Sheriff to force the Crown to hand over evidence they had in their possession that they knew proved my innocence which they had tried to prevent the court from seeing. The Crown were NOT happy with me for forcing them to reveal the truth in court. They don't like it when the truth comes out and it harms their case.

It's often a surprise to members of the public to learn that the Crown office do NOT exist to pursue truth and justice. They exist to prosecute people. And if they have to lie and cheat and with-hold the truth from the court to get a prosecution, even against someone they know to be innocent, they'll do it.

It's not their job to let innocent people go free. It's their job to prosecute. That's why they quite happily prosecute even innocent people who they know to be innocent.

Just remember that the next time you're sitting on a jury and the Procurator Fiscal is making his so-called 'case' to you.

In my case, a corrupt Procurator Fiscal by the name of Calum Forsyth pulled out every stop and did absolutely everything he possibly could in order to prevent evidence showing the truth from coming out in court. But he failed and I succeeded. The Sheriff ordered him to release the evidence to me.

The truth came out, and I won the case.

Yes, the truth came out despite the Crown office attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Of course, the corrupt Procurator Fiscal was never charged for his crimes. No surprise there - a Procurator Fiscal is never gonna prosecute a fellow Procurator Fiscal. End of.

But anyway, back to Liam and his charge of attempting to kill a police officer. What happened to him? How did this come about? How did he manage to eventually expose this corrupt lot in the police and Crown office?

Fortunately for Liam his defence solicitor smelled a rat and was eagle eyed enough to spot the police and Crown office were at the scam.

Not only did Judge Ritchie throw the case out, he ordered a probe into why this vital evidence was withheld. He described the ­conduct of the police probe as “troubling” and their failure to alert Crown ­prosecutors to key witness interviews “simply incomprehensible”.

The Crown office, in their usual weaseling back-tracking style, now claim that they were never told by police about all these other witness statements which contradicted those given by PC Stirling and PC Stowe.

Yeah right.

Police and the Crown office are so in bed together they even discuss the pattern on the duvet.

Judge Ritchie urged the issue to be taken further and is worth quoting at length:

Judge Ritchie said:

"It is simply incomprehensible that the police did not report to the Crown that there were eyewitnesses. I can’t think of any good reason why anyone reporting this to the procurator fiscal would not have included the eyewitness ­statements. May I encourage you to ensure this is taken up with police at the highest level. This simply cannot be tolerated. This is a troubling matter. These people were not identified to the Crown at all. This might not have come to light if it had not been for the defence solicitor."

The bad news is that nothing will come of this. No one from Police Scotland or the Crown office will ever see themselves in the dock over this. They never do.

Just as in my case (which like Liam, I won), the fact that you walk out of court a free man is seen as justice being done in the eyes of the corrupt Crown office and untrustworthy Police Scotland.

But I was innocent BEFORE I walked in to court never mind when I walked out.

So was Liam.

It sickens me that these charlatans at Police Scotland and the Crown office carry on with business as usual while they pervert justice every day. They lie every day. They cheat every day. They are despicable and so is their culture of corruption.

Judge Ritchie has blasted them. Sheriff Dickson has blasted them. Most of the other Judges and Sheriffs are of the same opinion. Yet they still carry on regardless.

They will never see the inside of a dock (or a jail cell).


And that should be concerning to all of us.

Wednesday 13 April 2016

Shadow Puppets

I've written quite a lot of posts recently about the closures of the Police Scotland control rooms in Aberdeen and Inverness and the concern that moving to Dundee will result in emergency calls being answered by officers who have no local knowledge of the area.

It's a hot topic, and for good reason. These control room closures will cost lives, mark my words.

Now, it's well known that untrustworthy Police Scotland NEVER like to admit they're wrong. So in their usual attempts to paper over the cracks and deflect bad publicity about the Aberdeen/Inverness closures (instead of confronting the real problem head on as they should) Police Scotland have come up with a brain wave.

Chief Superintendent Alan Spiers has revealed that call centre handlers from Dundee have been sent to Aberdeen to 'shadow' call handlers there in the hope that they will experience local problems and learn some of the essential local knowledge required.

I've got a much better idea.

Just stand up and admit you got this one wrong Police Scotland and keep the damn control rooms at Aberdeen and Inverness open!

But, I'm going to be fair with you here.

If you disagree with me, then I'll accept that it's perhaps because you have discovered that police officers can genuinely learn much from their counterparts in other areas. Certainly American police said they learned a few good things when they visited Scotland last year to see how our police manage to arrest violent suspects without being armed (police in the USA shoot over 1,000 people a year while trying to arrest people).

So I have a proposition for you.

Two of my favourite cop shows from my youth were Magnum PI (with Tom Selleck) and Hawaii 5-0 (book 'em Danno).

I reckon there is much we could learn from the Honolulu Police Department.

So...send me over to Hawaii, let me drive around in a Ferrari for a while, give me a surf board and I'll do some fact-finding about crime on Waikiki beach for you.

I'll report my findings to you when I get back.

Come on, I'm just a concerned citizen trying to help you out here.

Aloha? Any takers?

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Burying The Survivors

Reports are coming in that say pressure is building up on Lord Advocate Frank 'I'm anything but frank' Mulholland to reveal who, if anyone, will be prosecuted for perverting the course of justice in the Lockerbie case.

Pressure? More like the liquid in a slow cooker bubbling away to nothing if you ask me. The Lockerbie scandal has been going on for decades and nothing resembling any sort of justice has ever come out of it (thanks to the Crown office).

If this is what the Frankie boy considers pressure I'd hate to see him under real pressure.

I mean, exactly how long has the Lockerbie case been dragging on for?

Answer: 1988 - so not far off 30 years.

Yip, you can always count on the corrupt Crown office to make sure the mistakes in a case get buried until such times as just about everyone connected to the case is..well...buried.

My prediction?

Give it another 10 years or so and they'll release a statement saying "mistakes were made" and "lessons have been learned" <yawn>.

Oh, and not forgetting the obligatory "no one will be prosecuted".

Yeah, they always finish with that one.

Monday 11 April 2016

Overhaul Needed Of Child Protection - Update

The BBC have reported on some very disturbing figures.

A Freedom of Information request by the NSPCC has shown that reports to Police Scotland of sexual offences against children rose to nearly 2,500 last year.

That equates to SEVEN sex offences against children a day.

This is devastating news and makes horrifying and sickening reading.

Proof again, if ever it were needed, that we must overhaul our child protection system NOW.

Overhaul Needed Of Child Protection

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham has publicly questioned whether the child protection register is fit for purpose (the child protection register is a confidential list of children who may be at risk of future harm which is kept by the social work department ).

Offences against children are on the increase, largely because of the internet, and Malcolm Graham is rightly concerned that our children are not being given the protection they deserve.

Take a bow Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham. At last, a police officer from Police Scotland who appears to be willing to speak up. I just hope that the reasons you are speaking up are because you are genuinely concerned for child welfare and not because you, Police Scotland, are ultimately responsible for preventing and detecting crimes against children (i.e. you're just covering yourself). I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here though.

I would like to add to Malcolm Graham's assessment that not only does the child protection register need overhauled but I believe the whole child protection system needs scrutinized and overhauled.

I remember many years ago I was asked to write a reference for a woman who wanted to become a member of the children's panel. She was a family friend who I had known for some years. She had decided she would like to do some voluntary work and had applied to join the children's panel.

Very admiral I thought.

I was a well respected businessman and a well known member of the community through the charity work I did (and still do) so she was keen to secure my endorsement and have me write her a good reference. I was happy to oblige as I had absolutely no reason to think that the woman was anything but of good, sound character.

She got the job.

However some years later, in a totally unrelated matter, I was horrified to see her take the witness stand in a court of law and lie under oath. I felt sick to my stomach that I had given this woman a reference all those years ago.

OK, I know, people change. Perhaps the decent person I thought I knew years ago had become...well...a not so decent person. Or perhaps I'm just trying to make myself feel better - kinda trying to justify my having given her that reference all those years ago.

Either way, the woman's evidence in court was dismissed by the Sheriff - he saw right through her. It was clear that day in court that this woman was most definitely not a good, decent, and honest person.

And although her children's panel job was completely unrelated and unconnected to this particular court case (the case she was giving evidence in was actually about a property dispute and nothing to do with children or anything like that), quite frankly I watched her lie in the witness stand and couldn't help feeling bad that my judgement of her character had been so wrong all those years ago.

I suppose I'm not the only person in this world who has tried to see the good in another human being only to find himself badly let down. I'm not the first and I won't be the last. Still, I could kick myself.

The point is, this woman was a member of the children's panel for a long time.

I wonder how many other decent honest people like me there are out there who have, in all good faith, given references to people who they genuinely thought were good people - only to find out later that they were hiding a secret dishonesty that we knew nothing about?

And that's why it's high time we called for a re-assessment of not only the child protection register but everyone and everything connected to child protection.

Be in no doubt, I absolutely regret giving that reference all those years ago. I still beat myself up about it to this day even though I have managed to come to terms and accept that I had no way of knowing this woman was of such poor character.

But how many others, like me, have also been taken in by charlatans like these?

I write extensively in this blog about the corruption in the police and the Crown office and the hypocrisy and danger they pose to the public by seeking to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit.

The police, the Crown office, Glasgow City Council, and yes, even child protection agencies, are not the only bodies who may seek to harm us while claiming to work for our benefit.

So we must speak out against them, even when it is embarrassing to ourselves.

All it takes for evil to reign is for good men to do nothing.

Yes, of course, I'm embarrassed about giving that reference to that woman all those years ago, but I'm fully prepared to stand up and openly say that I did it and that I was hoodwinked and taken in by someone who turned out to be not as trustworthy as I believed them to be.

Others need to have the courage to do the same.

Sunday 10 April 2016

Coke - It's The Real Thing

This is one of those stories that, if true, it's truly disgraceful - in fact if you were to find out it wasn't true, you'd breathe a sigh of relief and be happy.

But at the same time, there would still be that little bit of the devil in you that would be a wee bit disappointed because, bad as this story is, it makes for a really great story and part of you does kinda want it to be true.

OK, apologies for sounding like a cryptic puzzle. Let me explain.

Cambusnethan Miners Welfare is one of those old fashioned working mens social clubs in a wee village out in the sticks near Wishaw. Like all working mens social clubs today it's a bit of a time-warp but never the less a wonderful safe place where the more mature, older, members of the community can go and enjoy a pint, a chin-wag, and a wee waltz around the dancefloor to the local ceildh band. You get the idea.

Except, according to reports, two OAP's were caught in the toilets snorting cocaine.

Yip, I had to read that last sentence again too!

For the record, the two OAP's involved deny any wrong doing and police in Wishaw don't appear to be taking things any further either so the matter looks to be concluded.

Suffice to say, they were given a very strong telling off by the club committee. Hey, don't laugh, it's stern stuff in these places when a club official in a blazer with a badge with the word 'committee' written on it wags his finger at you. You could be barred from the line dancing night and the dominoes tournament if you're not careful.

It reminds me of a phrase I used to hear an OAP in a working mens social club say to people years ago (when describing his age, his prowess, and his grey hair).

He would often tell people "There may be snow on the roof but there's fire raging down below".

Well, Cambusnethan Miners Welfare's new phrase must surely be "There may be snow in the toilet but they're raging in the committee room"

Who would've guessed Woodstock hippies are still alive and kickin' and strutting their stuff with all those groovy chicks way down in Cambusnethan eh?

Peace and love man, yeah!

Saturday 9 April 2016

Corrupt Translations

A car dealer who had his dealership raided by police for no reason whatsoever has had the case thrown out by a judge.

Sheriff Alastair Brown said there appeared to be "questionable compliance" by the police in submitting evidence to the procurator fiscal in relation to the raid, and "unsatisfactory information" supplied by the Crown office.

Let me translate.

The police abused their powers to go on a fishing expedition against an innocent man hoping to catch him for doing something, anything. Think of it as the same way they point their speed cameras at every car that comes around the corner just hoping to get a 'hit' - they're not after anyone in particular, anyone will do - as long as they get an arrest, that's all that matters.

And hey, if they struggle to get an arrest, police will happily make something up and even lie about it in court to ensure a conviction. No problem.

Sheriffs understandably don't want to undermine public confidence in the justice system any more than they need to. So they always tread lightly when they say that police are corrupt and the Crown office have been chancing their arm trying to stitch up innocent members of the public.

But no matter how much untrustworthy Police Scotland and their cronies at the Crown office try to dress this up, we are left in no doubt as to what Sheriff Brown said about them in this case.

A spokeswoman for untrustworthy Police Scotland said: "We note the decision of the sheriff. It is not our interpretation that Sheriff Brown has expressed an opinion that the actions of the police were in any way unlawful."

Let me translate that as well:

We, untrustworthy Police Scotland know fine well that the Sheriff has said that we, the police, were unlawful.

There, how easy was that.

I could get a job with Google Translate.

Friday 8 April 2016

The Tablet PC

In another update to my previous post, Neil Findlay MSP isn't too happy with how the Justice Committee's meeting with Scotland's top cop Phil 'Gormless' went.

The member of the Scottish Parliament had already written to the chief constable and asked him to come clean about his involvement with the notorious Special Demonstration Squad (SDS) which we know he was in charge of (they were the infamous policemen who infiltrated protest groups and had sex with members just to gain intelligence)

The chief constable failed to respond and answer Neil Findlay's letter.

So next, the MSP asked Christine Grahame to put these questions to him at the Justice Committee meeting.

She refused to do so.

So if you want to ask Phil Gormley how he's enjoying his new Scottish life living in his castle in Tulliallan or if he enjoys going grouse shooting wearing a kilt that's fine. You can even ask him if he likes Scottish tablet flavoured ice-cream (which is yummy by the way).

But whatever you do don't ask him about any illegal activities that he and his officers have been involved with.

Not that it would have made any difference anyway. Because he would've just given the same old Police Scotland stock answer - which is "mistakes were made but lessons have been learned" <yawn>

Yes, I Know It's Illegal, But We're The Police

Wonderful news for all those facing trial in the Scottish courts.

Scotland's top cop Phil 'Gormless' has appeared in front of the Holyrood Justice Committee to answer to the police spying scandal. You remember that scandal don't you? It's the one where police illegally spied on journalists.

I've highlighted the word illegally because it's important to this story.

Uncle Phil has told the Justice Committee that "mistakes and oversights were made" and there is an action plan in place to prevent it happening again.

Thanks Phil, that pretty much clears it all up then.

So if you ever find yourself on trial in a Scottish court of law for doing something illegal and want to get away with it and walk free from court, just admit your guilt and tell the judge 'mistakes and oversights were made' but you've put an action plan in place to prevent it happening again.

Let me know how you get on.

Thursday 7 April 2016

Dropping Everything

I see that the corrupt Crown office have dropped no less than ELEVEN charges against people arrested in the Edinburgh saunas crackdown.

As everyone with an ounce of sense knows, saunas - no matter where they are in the world - are just brothels under another name. It's the oldest profession in the world and raids from the boys in blue rarely make any difference. Nor do prosecutions.

The Crown Office have stated, "Having considered information provided in these cases, no further criminal proceedings will be taken."

Laura Lee, a sex worker also added that "In some cases, the saunas had been running for 30 years and had a good working relationship with police."

Of course there's no suggestion that this 'good' relationship with police had anything to do with the Crown office dropping all the charges.

But policing in Scotland can be very physically exhausting, officers get all manners of aches and pains, and, well, a visit to a nice wee sauna can be a very relaxing relief after a days stress of policing the mean streets of Auld Reekie.

I can just picture it. Step this way officer, get undressed and grab a towel. Oh and don't forget to take your handcuffs and truncheon in with you - just in case you need to arrest anyone while you're in there ;-), nudge nudge, wink, wink.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

The PR Listening Post

Police Scotland recently held an 'Access to Justice' partnership event with the British Deaf Association. They met at the West Lothian Civic Centre, took a tour of police custody procedures and the Sheriff Court, and discussed their experiences of police services.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscals Service were also involved.

The idea was that Police Scotland would demonstrate its commitment to working alongside the Scottish Deaf community.

This is very curious.

Because while Police Scotland seem very keen to show us that they are listening to the deaf - they seem to be rather deaf themselves when it comes to listening to us, the public.

Am I the only person who sees the irony in this latest shameful public relations exercise from untrustworthy Police Scotland?

Tuesday 5 April 2016

Just Good Friends

Good news for Aberdeen Asset Management, the big investment company. They've managed to find a tenant for their multi-million pound refurbished AB1 office complex in Aberdeen city centre.

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) have taken 10,500 sq ft of first floor space.

I reckon this is a good move for Aberdeen Asset Management.

Especially after Aberdeen Asset Management were the company who lost a lengthy court battle with HMRC over a £31m scheme which paid bonuses to seven of their senior employees, including founder and CEO Martin Gilbert.

There's no suggestion of course that Aberdeen Asset Management have rented these premises to the Crown office for any other reason than they have some office space for rent and the Crown office need some office space in that area.

However, it has to be said, if you ever find yourself in a court of law again in the future, fighting against the establishment (who we all know are incestuously connected), it surely can't hurt to be the Crown office's landlord...

Monday 4 April 2016

How To Get Away With Drunk And Reckless Driving

Simon Reader walked free from Perth Sheriff court with little more than a slap on the wrist. He should be sitting in a jail cell - and when you read the list below you'll see why and agree:

- Driving at 100mph

- More than seven times over the legal alcohol limit

- Swigged a bottle of gin while driving

- Crashed in to the central reservation, crossed both lanes, landing on the hard shoulder facing the other direction

- Refused to give a breath test

The fact that no-one was killed was nothing short of a miracle. During a 30-mile stretch of the M90, a number of other motorists were forced to swerve to avoid him.

With a rap sheet like that Mr Reader should be in jail, but instead he walked free as a bird from court with a three year ban.

So how did he manage to avoid jail time?


He said it was all because of the stress of his job.

But before any drunk driving maniacs out there go waltzing in to court and try to get off lightly from a serious charge by claiming your job is a wee bit on the stressful side, there's just one thing I forgot to mention above.

You see, what Simon Reader actually said was it was all because of the stress of his job with Police Scotland.

Yip, that's right folks.

Simon Reader is actually Detective Simon Reader.

So did he get away relatively scot-free because of our soft-touch justice system or was it because he was a policeman and therefore part of our justice system?

I'll let you decide.

Sunday 3 April 2016

Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service At It Again

In yet another 'are we supposed to be surprised?' debacle, a top lawyer and campaigners have raised concerns over the Crown office's handling of the football kettling incident.

As you may recall, the evidence given by a sergeant from Police Scotland led to the conviction of two football fans. However the quality of the officers evidence was questioned by sheriffs.

That's a nice way of saying he lied.

So what happens when the police lie?

Well, they should be reported to the Crown office and prosecuted.

But as I know from experience, this rarely happens. The Crown office just drag their heels until you get fed up pursuing them and eventually you go away.

And if you don't go away they simply give you one of their 'final' decisions (which is always a refusal to prosecute).

So your pursuit of justice comes to an abrupt end either way.

Don't expect the corrupt Crown office to change their ways any time soon.

Saturday 2 April 2016

Public Demands Mean Nothing

A petition was recently started by campaigner Jody Curtis to stop the police control room closures in the north and north-east of Scotland. Thousands of members of the public registered support for Jody's campaign and it has been heard by the Scottish Parliament’s justice committee.

But it will do no good whatsoever. None at all.

Because Police Scotland don't care what we, the public, want.

This is one of your typical situations in which members of the public are telling Parliament and Police Scotland what we, the public, want them to do. And we really can't have the peasants dictating to the high and mighty now can we?!

The fact that Parliament is elected by the public to represent the public - and Police Scotland are duty bound to help support and protect the public and work solely for the public's benefit - doesn't come in to it at all.

Welcome to Scottish democracy 21st century style.

The way it works is that these organisations get to do exactly what they want, when they want to, with whoever they want. They certainly don't want to be pestered by the pesky public telling them what to do.

And the legitimacy they use to get away with doing whatever they want to do?

Well, they claim to represent us, the public, and ask us to believe that everything they do is for our benefit.

So let me ask you. Do you believe them?

Friday 1 April 2016

You're All Criminals

A stretch of the Kingsway in Dundee between the Clepington Road junction and the Forfar Road junction has had it's speed limit reduced from 50mph to 40mph.

There doesn't appear to be any rationale for it.

Until you discover that the first thing untrustworthy Police Scotland did after the speed reduction was introduced was to stick their police officers, radar guns in hand, at the new speed limit section.

Hey, Police Scotland. We members of the public are not stupid - we can see that your idea here is to catch as many drivers as possible and especially to take advantage of those drivers who regularly travel that road and have known it for so long to be 50mph, not 40mph.

And your scam is working well.

Police fines have increased more than 10-fold on this stretch of road since the speed reduction.

Claire Armstrong from Safe Speed said "They are a profit-making organisation, there should be no profit in road safety. They are deliberately reducing road speeds because they’ve decided they want to nick more motorists".

I couldn't agree more Claire.

Not only is it profiteering by Police Scotland, it's also a disgusting attempt by police to make more otherwise law abiding members of the public in to criminals.

Alas, they have no shame.