Monday 21 March 2016

Where Are Stirling Park Debt Collectors?

Take a look at this picture of a Police Scotland vehicle, parked in a disabled bay.

There are no flashing blue lights and it's perfectly positioned in it's parking space - so you know that the copper driving it had plenty of time to manoeuvre it in to place.

In other words, it wasn't parked there due to an emergency.

It was parked due to laziness and arrogance on behalf of the police driver - another one of those jobs-worths from Police Scotland who think they ARE the law. One rule for 'em and all that.

I'm reliably informed that council wardens did NOT issue them with a parking fine and the vultures from Stirling Park Debt Collection will NOT be phoning Police Scotland and hassling them to pay the fine.

Local councils and Stirling Park, just like Police Scotland (who have clearly parked illegally in this pic), prefer to target the poorest and most vulnerable in our society rather than each other.

The council, Stirling Park, and Police Scotland are tarred with the same brush - and it's a toilet brush.