Thursday 3 March 2016

Three Corrupt Police Scotland Officers Named And Shamed

A chief inspector and a sergeant of Police Scotland have faced allegations that they lied in their testimonies in a case where a youth was charged with breach of the peace.

The youth was acquitted.

As  well as this, questions were raised in court over the quality of the police evidence. One of the Crown's most senior officials even admitted that “inconsistent evidence was provided” by the officers involved (see article).

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to see what went on here. The fact that the boy was acquitted due to dodgy evidence from the police tells you all you need to know - they tried to stitch the boy up.

But as per usual, the Crown Office will NOT be charging any of the officers with perjury.

This is an all too common scenario that I'm very familiar with.

And it happens because Police Scotland and their buddies in the Crown office are corrupt to the core and cover up for each other.

I personally experienced three officers from Police Scotland lying. I've got the three false statements the three officers made to the procurator fiscal PLUS a video showing what really happened (my solicitor also has a copy of the damning evidence and we have another further copy stored on a server in a foreign country - just for safe-keeping you understand :-).

The Crown office informed me a few months ago that they will NOT be taking any action against the three lying Police Scotland officers.

And there's nothing I can do about it.


The corrupt liar PC Susan Glendinning of Police Scotland will not be charged. She's got away with it.

The corrupt liar PC Jamie Collins of Police Scotland will not be charged. He's got away with it.

The corrupt liar PC Brian Fowler of Police Scotland will not be charged. He's got away with it.

If you have ever been detained, arrested, or charged for anything, anything at all, by any of these three corrupt officers named above, please get in touch with me.