Wednesday 9 March 2016

The Corrupt Crown Office Just Got Castrated Today

There has been a very important development in the bin lorry tragedy today.

Very important.

Justice Secretary Michael Matheson has announced that MSP's have made a decision to give legal aid to the families to help them bring about a private prosecution against the driver Harry Clarke.

This is fantastic news. But maybe not for the reasons you think.

You see, no matter what happens, the bottom line is that the driver Harry Clarke is NEVER going to be held accountable for his actions. From day one, the corrupt Crown office, the Health & Safety Executive (on behalf of their buddies in Glasgow Crooked City Council), and Police Scotland got together and made absolutely sure of that.

Even a private prosecution by the families, helped and funded by legal aid money, is doomed to fail. Quite simply there has been so much reported in the press about this case Harry Clarke's lawyers will very quickly, easily, and successfully claim he cannot possibly get a fair trial.

That'll be the end of it.

So if the legal aid offered today by MSP's is all in vain and won't change a thing, why is todays granting of legal aid for this private prosecution so important?

It's important because the Scottish government, on behalf of the public, have today slapped the Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland and his Crown office right in the face. In fact it's more than that - Frank Mulholland has been kicked by MSP's in a very tender area and right now is rolling around on the floor in agony.

That's how big this thing is.

No matter which way the Crown office try to dress this up and spin it (and mark my words, they will try), MSP's and the public have given an emphatic vote of no confidence to the Crown office today.  We have sent a stinging message to their whole corrupt organisation that we will no longer tolerate them and their crooked ways.

We, the public, are no longer prepared to sit back and allow the Crown to do what they like. Yip, the times they are a-changin' as they say, and today they just changed in our favour, not the Crowns.

The Crown office work for us. They are duty bound to do what is in the public interest. But the public have been screaming out at the Crown office to prosecute the bin lorry driver Harry Clarke and the Crown office have consistently and arrogantly thumbed their nose at the public.

Well today Frank Mulholland has just been taught a lesson he'll never forget.

My message to Frank Mulholland is clear. You thumb your nose at the public at your peril. We put you where you are Frank, and if we so wish, we'll remove you just as quickly. You are NOT untouchable and today you just felt our wrath.

Now it's no secret in legal circles that Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland has had egg on his face over this matter for a long time. But he is so arrogant that, up until now, he didn't care because he knew he was the top dog, he made the decisions, and to hell with the public and what they want - nobody tells the Frankie boy what to do. He just oozes a 'do you know who I am' attitude. Yeah, a real charmer.

Until this morning.

My prediction now is that Frank Mulholland will be sacked or he'll resign very soon.

And the new Lord Advocate, whoever he or she will be, will be under no doubt whatsoever that the Lord Advocates job and the Crown office has changed forever as of today.

The Crown office can and WILL be held to account by the public from this day on.

Sadly this is still a bad day for the families of the bin lorry tragedy. They still won't get justice. They will never get justice. It's heartbreaking.

But at least today, we the public have just taken a major step forward. The Crown office's closed shop has been dismantled, their barriers have been breeched, and the first slash of the surgeons knife in the castration of this corrupt Crown office and the unchecked power they used to wield has begun.

Todays events won't stop the Crown office cheating the public - you can't change a culture of corruption overnight. But after today they know that when they do cheat the public, it may just come back to bite them in the bum like never before. And that's a good thing.

I'm ecstatic at this news today.

As my readers already know, I'm tee-total and don't drink alcohol, but if I did, I'd be popping the champaign corks right now.