Wednesday 9 March 2016

Police Scotland Will Still Pursue You Even If You're Innocent

Another Police Scotland officer has broke ranks and is exposing corruption in police ranks. He is Constable Andrew Reid.

Constable Reid's name just happened to be mentioned in a tabloid newspaper report about an alleged breach of the peace. But it was merely a mention - it did not involve him.

Without going in to the lengthy details - I'll leave that for a further post - the thrust of it is that although he wasn't involved in the matter, it caused him to be the victim of harassment and victimisation by his Police Scotland colleagues who, among other things, tried to use discredited ex-officers to make all sorts of outrageous claims against him (which they had no proof to support of course).

It's another of these worrying cases which seem to crop up more and more - where Police Scotland form an opinion that you're a bad guy and nothing but nothing will change their mind. Even when it turns out, as it did in Constable Andrew Reid's case, that they got it wrong and it gets thrown out of court, they still won't let go - like a dog with a bone.

Police Scotland's corruption and arrogance is so intense that instead of cutting their losses and graciously conceding that they got it wrong, apologising, and moving on, they keep pursuing you to the ends of the earth to try and get you on something, anything.

It's as if they have some weird perverse need to prove to themselves that their original (wrong) opinion that you're a bad guy was somehow correct all along.

The most concerning thing about their MO is that if they can do this to one of their own - a fellow police officer - what chance does an innocent, honest, decent member of the public have against these sharks in Police Scotland and the Crown office?

Readers of this blog who are familiar with the false accusation that was made against me by a lying ex girlfriend to steal a measly few thousand pounds from me - and the ferocity with which untrustworthy Police Scotland and their corrupt buddies in the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service pursued it even when they knew I was innocent and she was a lying false accuser - will empathise with Constable Reid.

Remember these cases the next time the police ask you for help or the Crown office ask you to be a witness at a trial or to sit on a jury.

You could be helping the police and Crown office to convict an innocent person.

And you need to ask yourself if you could live with that on your conscience?