Monday 7 March 2016

Police Scotland Treating Us With Contempt - Again

Police Scotland are boasting that the control room in Inverness is not being closed down after all.

Although it is true that it will no longer be handling emergency 999 calls, it will be used to house the criminal history system which keeps records on everyone who has, well, a criminal history I presume.

No jobs will be lost.

So, to recap then, the centre is not closing, no jobs will be lost, and everything is hunky dory.

There's just one thing missing from untrustworthy Police Scotland's 'success' story about how they have 'saved' the Inverness control room.

Members of the public in the north who call police will STILL NOT get through to local officers in a local office and will STILL NOT get to speak to officers who have local knowledge.

Which is what the criticism about the closure was all about in the first place.

Police Scotland have ignored the public completely - again.

As usual, they think because they've saved THEIR jobs, that makes everything ok.

The retention of the Inverness control room and the safeguard to Police Scotland jobs is only a benefit to Police Scotland, not to us.

More proof - if any more were needed - that untrustworthy Police Scotland look after themselves first and treat the public with utter contempt.