Saturday 5 March 2016

Police Scotland Steal From Us

Police Scotland have come up with a rather novel and interesting idea over in East Lothian.

They have recently come under criticism from local communities who feel they've been losing out greatly because of a lack of local officers with local knowledge.

So Police Scotland have come up with a brainwave in order to solve this problem.

They are going to employ dedicated community police officers in each of the seven council wards plus two officers to work with young people in the area.

The idea is that this local policing will give a “more visible and engaging police presence” to the communities in East Lothian.

Seems like a great idea.

But wait. Hang on a minute...

That's exactly the way it used to be - before Police Scotland became one centralised national force.

So there's nothing new or novel in this idea at all.

They've merely reverted back to the way we always used to police our communities.

So let me put this in a more truthful way than the way Police Scotland are telling you.

What's really happened is Police Scotland are very well aware that the centralised one-size-fits-all Police Scotland project has failed miserably. So they've been forced to go back to the old proven system of local policing in local areas again.

But don't expect untrustworthy Police Scotland to admit it.

They NEVER admit it when they're wrong. Never.

Instead, they're trying to spin the recent 'community policing' idea in East Lothian to make it look like it's some sort of new, novel, super-duper solution - when we, the public, know fine well they're just trying to pull the wool over our eyes to disguise the fact that the centralised Police Scotland project has failed.

If you steal a penny from a beggar then give that beggar a penny, you haven't given the beggar a penny at all - you've conned him.

Ah, good old Police Scotland, such generosity and graciousness, - their kindheartedness and benevolence to the people of Scotland knows no bounds.

They really are legends in their own minds.