Saturday 26 March 2016

Phil Gormley - King Of The Castle

Many years ago I took a job which meant I had to live away from home.

No problem though - my employers arranged accommodation for me.

Unfortunately the 'accommodation' consisted of a grotty little basement flat - and I had to pay for it myself out of my wages.

I see that Police Scotland's new chief constable Phil 'Gormless' is in the same situation as me.

There are a couple of differences though:

1. That time when I worked away from home, my salary wasn't £212,000 a year like Uncle Phil's.

2. I had to pay the rent for the accommodation out of my wages - whereas Uncle Phil gets his accommodation for free (ie £212,000 a year PLUS free accommodation).

Oh, and I almost forgot...while I was in a horrible little bed-sit flat, Uncle Phil get's to stay in a castle at Tulliallan in Kincardine (pic below).

I wonder if we, the taxpayer, will get the bill for cleaning his moat?