Thursday 17 March 2016

Paul Rooney Plays Musical (Financial) Chairs

The chairman of the Scottish Police Authority (SPA) Andrew Flanagan has criticised has own board for having a lack of financial expertise.

Before you start applauding him for his honesty and frankness though, don't.

He really didn't have any choice but to criticise his own board - after all they're facing an £85million funding gap.

Financial expertise certainly is NOT the SPA's strong point.

In the wake of the financial meltdown and melee that has ensued, the first scalps have been claimed. Among those who have stood down amid scathing criticism of the SPA's financial mess by Audit Scotland is Paul Rooney.

In case you're wondering where you've heard the name Paul Rooney before, his full title is Councillor Paul Rooney. He's a councillor with Glasgow Crooked City Council.

But he's not just some lowly SPA board member as they would have you believe. No. Paul Rooney once occupied Andrew Flanagan's job. He's a former chairman of the financial mess ridden SPA.

He was once the top man at the top of the mess, no less.

That's not all.

He was also the convener of the £15 BILLION Strathclyde Pension Fund.

That's not all.

He has been the Glasgow City Council treasurer since 2011, overseeing a budget of more than £2.2 BILLION.

Yip. He's been around a wee while and seems to be very attracted to financial types of jobs.

So what's his background then? An accountant? A banker? Book-keeper perhaps? Financial advisor? Insurance actuary? Mathematician even?

Eh, no. He's an ex Procurator Fiscal Depute.

Maybe someone should have pointed out that in Scotland the word 'fiscal' as in Procurator 'Fiscal' really has nothing to do with money and finance.

But, like all savvy politicians, he will probably know that if you keep moving around enough and don't stay in any one position for too long you can actually make quite a good career for yourself.

The secret in public office is never to remain in any one place for too long in case people notice that you're useless. And if any mud does end up getting thrown around at a later date, well, you were never there long enough for much of it to stick to you personally.

Ahhh, the credentials of the perfect politician.