Friday 11 March 2016

Murdered Disabled Man Failed By Police

Kevin Duffy is a police officer who is originally from Glasgow. He worked with Avon and Somerset Police.

He and a fellow officer have been convicted and sent to prison in connection with the death of a disabled man in Bristol.

The disabled man was punched and kicked to death by a neighbour who believed he was a paedophile. His body was then set on fire.

But the neighbour got it wrong - the disabled man was not a paedophile at all.

PC Duffy got it wrong too.

He failed to respond to numerous pleas for help from the disabled man two days before he was murdered, saying he viewed him as a nuisance and a liar.

It's pretty clear PC Duffy was of the opinion he was a paedophile too.

Once again, when you look a little deeper in to this you see the bigger story and the real problem with our police.

I have written exhaustively about a worrying culture in the police where they form opinions on people and pursue those people as per their incorrect and biased opinions. Police decide who the bad guy is then try to cobble together as much evidence as they can to support that 'opinion'.

And when their opinion is wrong - which all too often it is - they are far too arrogant to admit they got it wrong. So the witch-hunt against the innocent member of the public continues. In the end, an innocent person gets convicted and sent to jail (or dies), but hey, that's a good trade-off for the police. As far as police are concerned an innocent man in jail or dead is just collateral damage - a cost of doing business. Far better an innocent man goes to jail or dies than police have to admit they got it wrong.

That's the way it works and it's disgusting.

It goes against EVERYTHING that is good, honest, and decent in our society. And our police are at the forefront of promoting this corruption.

It is of vital importance that the police should NOT pursue people based on their personal opinions and their own prejudices - but they do. Every day.

The opinions of a police officer are unimportant and completely irrelevant to a case. Police officers are supposed to be merely reporters. They get called to incidents and report what they find (to the Procurator Fiscal). Opinions must not enter in to it or justice is defeated.

Only the courts decide guilt - not police officers or the Crown office.

Yet EVERY SINGLE DAY we see police officers arresting people based on their own opinions. We see them scurrying around trying to cobble evidence together to fit their own opinions and agenda. We see them utilise every resource at their disposal just to get convictions against people they don't like. They celebrate and high-five each other when they make the arrest - yet it's not their job to determine guilt.

Of course the only reason they get away with acting in this wrong and corrupt way is because their friends and colleagues in the Crown office collude with them to do it. They both sing from the same hymn sheet as it were.

Police exist to arrest as many people as they can and the Crown office exist to prosecute as many people as they can. This allows them to deflect any criticism of what they do - they simply point to the arrest and prosecution 'figures' and claim they prove they are keeping us safe. Job done.

Until both the police and the Crown office change their ways and start to act honestly and with integrity towards members of the public, injustice will continue.

Innocent members of the public will continue to find themselves, as I did, sitting in a jail cell when they've done absolutely nothing wrong - just because it suits corrupt police officers to do it (yes, take a bow corrupt PC Susan Glendinning, corrupt PC Jamie Collins, and corrupt PC Brian Fowler).

This culture of corruption must stop.

No wonder members of the public do not trust the police.