Wednesday 9 March 2016

More Translations

Here we go again.

Yet again I find myself having to translate for untrustworthy Police Scotland (they should give me a job doing this - I'm really good at it even if I say so myself).

So here goes.

The former head of the Scottish Police Authority, Andrew Flanagan, has spoken about whistle-blowing in Police Scotland. No, I don't mean police officers blowing whistles every time they see a masked man with a stripey t-shirt, and a bag with 'swag' written on it slung over his shoulder.

No, I mean those few courageous and honest police officers who joined the police force for all the right and just reasons who, faced with a mire of sleaze and corruption, decide to do the right thing and blow the whistle on the illegal activities of their corrupt colleagues.

Since the whistle-blowing scheme came in to force to try and clean Police Scotland up a bit, there has only been 133 referrals - out of a workforce of 22,000. Mr Flanagan goes on to say "I’m not sure 133 necessarily reflects success."

Let me translate.

Police Scotland is corrupt to the core. If any officer in Police Scotland dares to expose the corruption of his fellow officers he or she will very quickly find themselves kicked out the door, real pronto.

Police Scotland is built on corruption and those at the top will trample on and destroy any officer who dares to try to expose it. Even the police's Professional Standards Department who were set up to investigate in to police corruption are corrupt themselves!

THAT is why there are very few whistle-blowers willing to come forward.

Need any more translations done?

Keep 'em coming.