Tuesday 29 March 2016

Following The Money

Here's a strange one that might stump you a little bit (until you know why, that is).

Local campaigners in Dalbeattie have asked police to reduce the speed limit on a section of the A710 from 60mph to 30mph.

But police have refused.

Police have argued that a 30mph limit would just be ignored by motorists.

Yeah, I know, very strange. I mean, if police know that drivers will ignore the 30mph limit surely that would be a great place to stick a couple of plods and a camera to catch all those speeding motorists. This one should be right up their street surely (pun intended).

So let me translate.

Police have limited resources. They only have so many cameras and trained police officers to operate them (and staff to process the fines). They know the area very well and they know that they won't make a ton of money with a speed camera on this particular stretch of road.

But they do know they can make much, much more money putting a plod with a speed camera on another stretch of road in the area that will catch them lots and lots more motorists.

Police harp on about speed cameras being all about safety. Let's be clear on this - 'safety' is little more than an excuse police give to justify fleecing the motorist for money.

Dalbeattie residents have now learned what many of us have known for years - money is the only language untrustworthy Police Scotland understand.